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Scholarship RegistrationsScholarship Registration made easy and simple for International students!

Scholarship Registration for students abroad is the first step to obtain any legitimate United States or International scholarship, grant, or financial-aid package.

Why? Scholarship sponsors must be able to identify and locate scholarship recipients inorder to disburse scholarship awards. Every scholarship applicant must register their name and address.

Please review our extensive category of top Scholarships for adults seeking to continue their education, as well as current high-school seniors seeking to enter college for the first time.

Scholarship RegistrationsRenewable Scholarships & Grants (International students)

All scholarships are fully renewable, subject to specified academic criteria. Every legitimate scholarship application begins with a formal scholarship registration process. Word of mouth scholarship registration is not acceptable.

Scholarship RegistrationsMandatory Requirement to Register and Use App

The scholarship registration form below supercedes and replaces all prior forms, and is mandatory for consideration of any award(s). All applications are accessible via our Scholarship App.