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  1. Scholarship applicant must be enrolled in an accredited high-school, college or university;
  2. Scholarship applicant must have iPhone, Android, or other compatible smart-phone to access and download our Scholarship App;
  3. Scholarship applicant must have at least a 2.0 GPA at time of scholarship application
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  5. Which financial-aid websites sell your personal informcation?
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  10. Latest NAAS Scholarship, grants, and Financial-Aid information
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By joining our 2018-19 Scholarship Club, students have access to a clutter-free, membership-only, website that provides detailed monthly reviews of Scholarship Apps on Google Play, Cyber Security Reviews of International Scholarship Search websites, as well as sources for local and regional Scholarships, Grants, and financial-aid for students, moms, single mothers, and women.

Cyber Security Expert Professor Ron discusses one of the most under-reported secrets and one of the most common source of hacking: financial-aid websites that target International and American students traveling to and from foreign countries, but seeking financial-aid via American-domained websites.