Phony Financial-Aid Experts Used by the U.S. Media

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N.Y. Times, U.S.A. Today, and many U.S. Media publications have suspect credibility

For example, consider this fact: On the night of April 19, 1989, several attacks, assaults and robberies occurred in New York City’s Central Park, involving about 30 teenage perpetrators. The crime and assault of one 28-year-old white woman, in particular, took center stage. Trisha Meili, the N.Y. Times wrote, was violently assaulted while jogging in the park. She was was allegedly raped and brutally beaten.

Ignoring the dozens of rapes and assaults committed against African-American, black, and Latina women, the N.Y. Times and local prosecutors focused on the alleged rape and assault of Trisha Meili. The N.Y. Times drummed up the race card. Why? We know that salacious racial stories sell newspapers. A white woman rape victim, and black teen suspects, made for a racially-charged story. The N.Y. Times ran with the story like a football. They ran with the claim that the perpetrators were young African-American men.

With a history of police brutality and racism, it was no surprise that the local N.Y. police contradicted normal police procedures, which stipulates that the names of suspects under the age of sixteen are also to be withheld. As is typically the case when certain factors are in focus, the names of the Negro juveniles arrested in this case were released to the press before any of them had been formally arraigned or indicted.

The U.S.A. Today, and the N.Y. Times, and many main-stream reporters (as documented by Edward Snowden and the Scholarship Blog) have a history of making false or ommissive statements as to the credibility of their alleged Financial-Aid Expert. Who the media claims is a Financial-Aid Expert in fact is not a Financial-Aid Expert.

No legitimate Financial-Aid Expert accepts a job to work for a lottery-style scholarship company like Edvisors, Inc., moves to a desert wasteland in Las Vegas, Nevada, surrounding by casinos, legal prostitution, and which has the worst ranked school district in the U.S.A.

The U.S. Media plays a criticial role in phony Financial-Aid Experts and False Convictions

When the U.S. media wants you to believe that only one person is a Financial-Aid Expert in the U.S.A., and that all Americans should only buy his scholarship books and use his scholarship search companies then it is time to ask questions. The U.S. media has helped convict countless African-Americans, Hispanics, and poor white men because of its influence over the public. Today, the U.S. media uses a government informant (like Edward Snowden) to FORCE feed Americans THEIR version of a Financial-Aid Expert.

Reject the U.S. Media’s pet Financial-Aid critics, and use your common sense to judge for yourself. The more the U.S. Media wants you to eat and accept THEIR choice of a Financial-Aid Expert then the more you should ask yourself is this guy a financial-aid expert scam and government informant?

Unlike the media in France, China, Russia, Saudia Arabia, the standards for accurate reporting in the U.S.A. are similar to the low level of educational achievement in the country. Most U.S. Reporters are not as educated as their International peers, and many are products of the low educational standards that are present in many Y.S. schools. Moreover, many U.S. reporters lack a clear understanding and practice of ethics. For example, the U.S. main-stream media (with the encouragement of federal agencies) typically cite one or two so-called Financial-Aid Experts in the entire U.S.A. when it comes to questions or issues regarding financial-aid. This is a red-flag of media fraud upon the public.

In other words, if the U.S. population is over 250 million people, and over 10 million persons have educational degrees, there is apparently only 1 or perhaps 2 ‘Financial-Aid Experts’ that the U.S. media attempts to force upon the public. If you do not understand my example, I will use a sports analogy. Can we assume that there are only 1 or 2 persons in the entire U.S.A. who can play basketball or football and who are considered ‘experts’? Now, do you understand the fraud and conspiracy of the U.S. media’s appointment and selection of specific ‘Financial-Aid Experts.’?

When the U.S. media refer to this person, typically always a male, Caucasion, and Jewish, as ‘Financial-Aid Expert, consumers and parents should understand the existence and concept of reverse Eric Snowdens. Eric Snowden is the gentlemen who exposed U.S. government spying tactics, code-words used for public informants, and many other government secrets. What the public does not know is the fact there are persons just like Eric Snowden who elect to remain in their role and capacity as government informants, and misinformation artists.

If you doubt a main-stream reporter’s claim that the male he claims is a financial-aid expert, here are a few legal questions you can ask the reporter:

Questions for suspicious U.S. Reporters that use phony Financial-Aid Experts

  1. What specific degree(s) or government certification has the male subject attained that qualifies him/her to be a Financial-Aid Expert?
  2. Has the male subject that the main-stream claims is a Financial-Aid Expert ever worked as a government informant?
  3. Has the male subject that the main-stream claims is a Financial-Aid Expert ever worked as a colleague of convicted F.B.I. spy Robert Philip Hanssen?
  4. Does the newspaper, reporter, or male subject that purports to be a financial-aid expert stand to profit in any way, shape, or form as a result of a book, referral to a scholarship search site, or via an affiliate relationship with a student loan company?
  5. Is the male subject that purports to be a financial-aid expert on the payroll of the National Security Agency?
  6. Is the male subject that purports to be a financial-aid expert on the payroll of any financial-aid, loan, or for-profit company that uses social-gaming, or lottery-style methods of financial-aid, or virtual curency whereby the scholarships applicants are chosen by luck, chance, or random acts?
  7. Does the male subject have any characteristics identified in the Warning Signs of a Phony Financial-Aid Expert published by the Scholarship Blog?
  8. Does the male subject that purports to be a financial-aid expert have any relatives employed by or contracted with the FTC, F.B.I., U.S. Department of Education, or any other government agency?
  9. Does the male subject that purports to be a financial-aid expert have any relatives employed by or contracted with any main-stream media publication; e.g, Newsweek, etc.
  10. Was the male subject that you claim to be a financial-aid expert ever employed by any college or university that was also a member of NASFAA?

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