Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid Censors

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses

Students, parents, and single Moms, have reported that some high-school counselors do not share with all students valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid information. Instead, some guidance counselors pre-judge the merits of prospective students, and provide scholarships, grants, and financial-aid information only to those students deemed worthy.

Another interesting fact, is that even small channel local TV stations, and supposedly non-profit organizations that occupy public social media channels have been practicing censorship, and thus encouraging the waste, and non-use of millions of dollars in financial-aid, grants, and scholarships.

We believe it is the duty and ethical obligation of a public TV station and non-profit organizations that receive tax privileges based upon tax-paying citizens to exercise ethics and decency by ceasing and desisting unwritten policies of censorship.

We encourage students, moms, parents, to re-think the products and services and/or making donations to organizations that seek to deprive you of valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. To assist your efforts, we will be documenting the small handful of U.S. companies, and alleged non-profit organizations that encourage or practice a policy of censorship against organizations that sponsor or administer scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.

U.S. organizations that practice censorship cause an estimated $200 million of wasted, unused, and deprived scholarships, grants, and financial-aid each year. Instead of going to students, these scholarship funds are re-routed to other investments or endeavors.

If a TV station can and is willing to accept violent, profane, or destructive ads that encourages suspects or persons to barge into theaters like suspected Colorado gunman James Holmes to then certainly those stations can tolerate a simple advertisement from any organization sponsoring valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.