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A discussion and review of EducationConnection.Com College Matching Claims

EducationConnection.Com is very similar to other companies that claim to match prospective students to accredited colleges. However, EducationConnection.Com is quite aggressive in terms of its advertisements and reach. EducationConnection.Com is somewhat unique in the sense of using scantily-clad young women in their commercials whom claim to be studying their degree while lying in bed. These sort of commercials that feature young, pretty, and attractive women create the illusion that virtually anybody can obtain an online degree. Critics contend that the commercials are misleading or unrealistic.

EducationConnection.Com Association with Controversial Organizations

EducationConnection.Com is a member of the Better Business Bureau. displays on its website a seal of the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is a controversial organization that charges fees for a dubious seal that allegedly represents or implies that a company offers quality goods or services. In reality, many consider the Better Business Bureau to be nothing more than a than a fee-for-integrity association whose members are no better than companies who are not members of the Better Business Bureau.

Our experience indicates that companies that display seals of integrity do so to sway opinion rather than rely upon the merits of their own products or services. Criminal magistrate cases nationwide verify that mere membership into a Better Business Bureau does not reduce the likelihood of civil or criminal misconduct, and neither is such membership an accurate barometer of the quality of a company’s products or services.

For example, EducationConnection.Com has been criticized by many as being set-up to by for profit-colleges to squeeze students. Complaints from numerous students, their parents, and others paint a picture that is not very pleasant. Nonetheless, the Better Business Bureau rates EducationConnection.Com with an A. grade.