A Review of Class of 2012 2

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses

Our preliminary review of the Class of 2012 is that this page is really a great page. We recommend that it be more inclusive of other scholarship opportunities. Sometimes it may appear to be too focused on only one source, Scholarship Points. The key questions is whether or not both competitive and even complimentary listings of third-party scholarships are deleted, and/or censored. The preliminary result is no.

Third-party, professional advice is even welcomed. For example, on June 25th, 2012, Facebook user Jackie Hanley posted this comment on the Class of 2012 wall: “Are class had 297 kids graduate”.
Emerson King responded: “And I’m so sorry they didn’t teach you how to speak English :/”

AN NAAS representative responded: Thank you Emerson for pointing out the punctuation error. However, you never offered any corrective criticism. The word “Are” is incorrect and should be replaced with the possessive pronoun “Our.”

We support both Emerson and Jackie. We believe they are great young persons who simply have different methods of reaching out for help.

The operators of the Class of 2012 did not delete our posts. Great. We respect that!

Over-all, employers DO NOT value gimmicky or lottery-style scholarships like those sponsored by certain organizations, which have no essay, have no recommendation latters, and have no traditional characteristics of a scholarship. These are easy scholarships, but have very little real value to ANY employer.

We welcome students like Jackie Hanley to pursue scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars because we know that every student has a unique talent that merits a scholarship. It is simply a matter of revealing or finding that talent.