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New Minority Scholarship Directory
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Minority Scholarship Directory: Grants/financial-aid  Over $10M in new monies 4 financial-aid.

Online Degrees, Online colleges  are a quick boost to a career. More Div. I schools are offering online courses.
Explore these options.  Read our latest report.  Adult Colleges Directory is a great source of info.  Financial-aid available.
Boost your income and credentials

Nursing Scholarship Link:
Demand for Nursing picks-up in 2015. More men and women  nurses needed as economy goes North. Explore Financial-aid and other options.

Scholarship Link of the Hour:
Summer Soda Scholarship Wars are underway. Try the Sprite $1M Giveaway. Earn a Sprite Scholarship. Drink now.
Win a Scholarship. Are you ready?

New education grants approved by Congress. Excellent source of new monies for students, moms, and working adults. Refer to this Free grant link.

Banks get angry over online competition.   The best resource for quick online cash.  Easy for moms and women.

Where are the best Nursing scholarships for men and women?  Get a nursing degree < 1yr + Scholarships, and grants.

LPN/RN Training programs. Start your career with a $100,000 salary in less than 1 yr. Nursing is too hot to handle. Big home. Big Salary. You can have it all with Nursing.
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