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New dedicated user:)
« on: September 03, 2011, 05:16:49 PM »
Hi People:)At the moment Im doing my first thread here, nice board as all of you can see!  rnAs my first post I will to say Hi to you all, I came on this forum to engage in discussion the general post that are present here.   rnMy name is Bruno, I live on Madrid but now I'm taking a semester on another  place at the time on Philosophy so that I can get my PHD.             rnAs to My interests may not be in the best interest of everyone but I say them anyway I adore swimming as well as sports in general, and I also listen a lot Radiohead on my roadtrips, my greatest hobbie at the time is online poker, as most of you...I think....   rnLast weekend I read a post very interesting at e webmaster there to let me write pages there and that is what Im doing at this time, and it was the reason I signed up on this find new concepts!:)  rnI will also have to apologize by my english it is the only way I found to talk with you guys....             rnAnd for now is all I have say, cause I have a job of shifts so I will rest a little............. .Just hope you enjoyed my first topic.
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