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Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective.
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Mark Furhman is the former LAPD Detective who was assigned to investigate the alleged murder of Nicole Simpson, and her suspected lover Ronald Goldman. 

Despite her marraige to football legend O.J. Simpson, and his immense wealth, Nicole Simpson believed it was alright to keep company with waiter Ronald Goldman. Goldman had no college degrees, no white collar job, and he was demonstrating little effort to better himself. He was the suspected Gold-Digger seeking the fortunes of a married woman while pursuing a dangerous game of adulterty.

During the trial, the defense team of O.J. Simpson exposed numerous inconsitencies in the testimony of Detective Furhman. Eventually, these growing inconsistenticies led to a chorus of perjury, and further revealed that Detective Furhman routinely used the term "African-American" to discuss and address African Americans.

Needless to say, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty largely based upon the character flaws of Detective Furhman. Regardless, Fox News hired this creep to provide commentary on a suspected murder investigation.

Should Fox News use a creep like Furhman?
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Re: Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective.
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After the trial, and not guilty verdict of O.J. , Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective, fled California to escape media scrutiny.   Many believe that the excessive character flaws of Mark Furhman, and the fact that Furhman routinely used the "African-American" to describe black suspects, and blacks in general, was a major factor in the jury's decision to dismiss all of the testimony of Furhman during the trial. Why then, does Fox News hire persons like  Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective?
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Re: Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective.
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Mark Furhman is a disgrace. He has no credibility. If Oprah Winfrey granted this guy an interview then that proves she is a fraud.