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Guidelines for applying for College Scholarships
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College Scholarships are a must have for any student seeking to secure a college education unless the student is quite wealthy. What are the guidelines for applying for a college scholarship? Is there a universal recommended way of applying for College Scholarships? We all know that over 95% of students attending a college or university either anticipate or plan on securing some sort of college scholarships, student-loan, or financial-aid option unless the student is, again, quite wealthy. However, how many students of multi-millionnaire status are attending a college or university? Very few. Case closed. Therefore, most students need a college scholarship to attend college. College scholarships are very competitive. If you are timid, shy, or unsure of whether or not to compete for a college scholarship then check your bank account for an extra $100,000. If you don't have an extra $100,000, then you need to become LESS timid, LESS shy, and LESS unsure very soon or your aspirations of attending a college will shrink like a dried-out condom left in the sun.

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