Is Samuel Freedman of the N.Y. Times a corrupt reporter?

Samuel Freedman of the N.Y. Times IS  definitely a  corrupt reporter
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Samuel Freedman of the N.Y. Times IS  NOT a  corrupt reporter
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Samuel Freedman of the N.Y. Times
« on: August 28, 2011, 09:18:22 AM »
Samuel Freedman is a very controversial author and professor of Columbia University. He is also a freelance reporter for the N.Y. Times, who seems to set his own rules. In many of his books, he boasts of his Jewish ethnicity, but when others use the same word "Jew" that he repeatedly uses throughout his books and articles to describe exactly the same topics that he openly discusses in his books, he solicits and creates a smoke-screen of  "Anti-semitism" as a way to chill or intimidate the  free-speech of his critics.

Yet, Samuel Freedman is the double-standard hypocrite who  occupies the title of "reporter, professor, and author." His books are boring, empty of quality content,  and his writing-style reveals his self-consumed ego.

There is also controversy as to whether or not he accepts fees, gifts, or benefits in return for attack-style journalism. For example,  as a  reporter, and Columbia University professor,  Samuel Freedman wrote a flawed story entitled "Apply Here for Scholarship, And Prepare to Be Smeared." The  N.Y. Times,  which has a history of lawsuits, and general  lack of credibility, allowed this smut to be published.

Perhaps the story should have been entitled "Samuel Freedman, Reporter for Hire."  The journalistic trash written by Samuel Freedman in 2004 appeared to be written to achieve the following  objectives:
a.) To promote the agenda, and to enhance the credibility of N.Y. Kingpin Larry Centor and his privileged son, UnderBoss Joshua Centor;
b.) To deceive  the American public in general,  and to specifically deceive U.S. and foreign students and parents from not participating in the great  financial-aid programs sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, and other legitimate sponsors;
c.) To ride the success and credibility of National Academy of American Scholars in order to sell more of his books;
d.) To  deceive Christian churches,  which have always been a supporter of NAAS programs;
e.) To use deceive or force U.S. law enforcement agencies to engage in the same lawless tactics used by Israel (i.e., Jonathan Pollard)  against U.S companies.

Whether or not Samuel Freedman received any sexual, monetary, or other benefits from the Larry or Joshua Centor, is not known. However, the core  objectives sought by Samuel Freedman FAILED. Americans ignored, and rebuffed Sameul Freedman. Christian churches continued to donate. As evidence that the story sought to benefit N.Y. Kingpin Larry Centor, and to help Freedman sell more books, these two sorry Americans still carry the posted 2004 story on their website (seven years after it was orignally published, and more than 10 years after a criminal complaint filed against Joshua Centor refuted each and every one of his unsubstantiated allegations.

Therefore, this poll expresses a legitimate concern. Is Samuel Freedman a legitimate reporter, a legitimate author, and if you (any American or citizen of any country) feel that Freedman is corrupt, unethical, and a sleaze, then do not be afraid and vote. You need not worry. You will not be arrested, assassinated, or kidnaped. Neither Freedman nor the Centors have access to your data.
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Re: Samuel Freedman of the N.Y. Times
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2011, 09:35:53 PM »
I am a student that attends a N.Y. High-school. I never heard of this guy. I looked up his article. Clearly, this guy is biased, and unethical.  With all the crime in New York, he finds an organization all the way in California  that trys to help students.   He sounds like a jerk.  I guess he was to be busy being a corrupt N.Y. Times reporter that ignored the crimes of Eliot Spitzer.  Larry and Joshua appear to be the biggest mobsters  or cry babies in Lower Manhattan.  Having read the facts about him, my opinion is that Joshua Centor is nothing more than a Douche Bag. Get over the fact that you didn't win an award (over 10 years ago!!). 8)
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