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Scholarship Site Review of Zinch Scholarships
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What exactly are Zinch scholarships? Zinch scholarships claim to be on-line service owned by Chegg Inc. Under the Zinch scholarship banner, Zinch scholarships claims to provide a variety of services to prospective college or university students seeking Zinch scholarships, as well as other scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.
Zinch scholarships also claim to provide Zinch scholarships to college bound high school students ready to enroll in prospective colleges or universities. Under “Zinch Services”, Zinch Scholarships claim to allow students seeking Zinch scholarships, and other scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, to create scholarship profiles, and thereafter get matched with and recruited by universities.

Under the eligibility requirements of Zinch scholarships, Zinch scholarships offers its scholarship services to persons as young as 13 years of age or older. The age of 13 years is identical to the minimum age set by FaceBook, Inc to register little kids. Although Zinch Scholarships claim to be marketed towards and/or “reserved for high school students”, Zinch Scholarships also target “those seeking higher education.”

The quality of the criteria set by Zinch scholarships is not too much different than the current plethora of lottery-style scholarship sponsors that seek quantity of scholarship applicants over quality of scholarship applicants.

Before you apply for any Zinch Scholarships, please make sure that you read our Zinch Scholarship Review.

The review of Zinch Scholarships continues on our Scholarship Blog.
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