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Scholarship Site Review of Scholarships.Com
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Scholarships.Com has a business model like many  other scholarship search sites. Scholarships.Com  requires students to complete a registration process before the students are eligible to review the basic awards.  Registration information collected includes First Name, Last Name, Email, Address,City, State, Zipcode,  and Date of Birth. The information requested is minimum.

In surveying the Scholarships.Com site, the site appears to be well styled, and easy to navigate.  Scholarships.Com uses basic color settings, limited flash, and loads easily. 

Scholarships.Com makes controversial advertising statements that may violate the FTC Act. For example, Scholarships.Com boasts We're the Best & We're FREE.  Oh really. The company claims that since 1999, Scholarships.Com has helped millions of students, parents and counselors search 2.7 million local, state & national college scholarships & grants worth over 19 billion dollars.

Scholarships.Com  is also a member of the National Scholarship Provider's Association (N.S.P.A.). N.S.P.A. engages in the practice of product-steering. N.S.P.A. requires its members to censor scholarship listings and deprive students of legitimate scholarship opportunities, while steering students to expensive companies or advertisers  connected to NASFAA. N.S.P.A. has a controversial history that traces its roots to NASFAA, NASFAA members, and Fastweb.

 Scholarships.Com also boasts membership or affiliation with NACAC; NACAC is the alphabetic sister of NASFAA.
 Scholarships.Com is also a   member of  NACAC.  NACAC also uses the practice of product-steering.   NACAC leaders have long been associated with controversy, cronyism, high-salaries, and indifference to students and parents. 

 Scholarships.Com is associated with organizations that generally practice product-steering, and implicitly engage in some form or manner that touches the boundaries of cronyism. 

  Scholarships.Com also heavily censors its FaceBook pages, and deletes information or quality sources of scholarship information from third-party scholarship sponsors that can help students find valuable financial-aid.  We have observed posts from students and scholarship sponsors being deleted on a routine basis. This activity explains its controversial membership into and association with NACAC, the BBB, and N.S.P.A. Students are typically deprived of the best information, the best scholarships, and are steered towards advertisers or members of NACAC/NSPA.

In a nutshell, Scholarships.Com  is a Scholarship matching service.  Scholarships.Com claims that  since 1999, we have helped millions of students, parents and counselors search 2.7 million local, state & national college scholarships & grants worth over 19 billion dollars...&#34.  Scholarships.Com claims claims to have a database of 1.5 million scholarships.

In order to carefully review Scholarships.Com, we must review Scholarships.Com with the same set of criteria we use for other scholarship databases. We review their scholarship history, their scholarship creativity, their scholarship published claims vs. documented facts by government or independent agencies, and we  review such factors as their Scholarship Yield, Scholarship Quotient, FaceBook habits, their FaceBook likeability, their receptivity to competitive scholarship listing sources, the quality of their scholarship listings, their scholarship advertising claims, their duplicate scholarship listings, their excluded scholarship listings, their association with other scholarship listing services,  the success rate of their scholarship recipients, and we certainly review which agencies Scholarships.Com is associated with.

Scholarship.Com does not publish any Scholarship Yield, or Scholarship Quotient,  and neither does it publish any relevant statistical data in regards to its scholarship database other than the general advertising claims that We're the Best & We're FREE.  That's a great statement, whose value is worthless unless backed by some currency or indisputable facts.

For a detailed review of Scholarships.Com, and a detailed review of the practices, methods, techniques, and which agencies Scholarships.Com is associated with,please review our Scholarships.Com Review.

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