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Title: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: JimDe on August 16, 2011, 09:16:52 AM
I am the [American] parent of 2 girls that attended the MODERN AMERICAN SCHOOL in Alexandria, Egypt this last year. I have seen on the NWAC website that the school is accredited by NWAC recently, and as a former Team Member for CITA visits of Egyptian [American Schools] I find it hard to understand how this school could pass even the most liberal of inspections.
I know the owner [a cafe owner, supposed lawyer] personally, and the school teachers, none are certified by ANY recognized agency, anywhere. The school failed a CITA visit in May, 2010, it was then that the Owner went to NWAC and immediately received a document saying "Temporary Accreditation". It is my belief that the documents and "accreditation" was bought through the representative of NWAC in Cairo. The NWAC/NAAS representative in Cairo Dr. Maged Zaki, has given assurances that the accreditation is from America, but does not show any proof other than it having a website. The Ministry of Education does not investigate private schools unless there is proof of fraud or  criminal act. I have copied and pasted to MS Word your information on fraudulent and unauthorized persons and schools using the NAAS logo and information for my lawyer to submit to the Ministry of Education fro investigation. [Note: I am a retired Federal Investigator, and Masters in Education Admin].
If there is any other information that you have available for me in this matter, it would be of great help to me, and greatly appreciated.
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Title: Re: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: Scholarship Bob on August 20, 2011, 10:43:15 AM
Thank you for your posts. Much of the information we have is posted online. Your information is very much welcome. We will make sure to keep your posts available for other parents and students.
We will continue to expand this forum. We invite  parents,  and students, to discuss their experiences with Accreditation agencies in general, and certainly those "accreditation" agencies which have a detailed track record of bogus accreditation.  8)
Title: Re: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: Scholarship Bob on August 20, 2011, 10:58:41 AM
( will also be posting information about the schools and programs that Northwest Accreditation Commission now claims to be accredited. Many schools and entities that claim now claim accreditation via Northwest Accreditation Commission secured their "Accreditation" via fraudulent or deceptive means.  Students and parents were deceived into thinking that the "NAAS" accreditation being peddled by Northwest Accreditation Commission was approved, sponsored by, or endorsed  by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), when in fact Northwest Accreditation Commission never secured permission to use this trademark.

In typical circumstances, the use of illegitimate and unregistered fictitious names in interstate commerce is cause for a criminal investigation.  However, since the conduct of  Northwest Accreditation Commission, f/k/a/ Northwest Association of Accredited Schools was condoned and promoted by the Idaho State Department of Education, no action was being taken.

In fact, the Idaho State Dept. of Education is directly responsible for many phony, illegitimate, and illegal accreditation schemes, as evidenced by its unusual relationship to  Northwest Accreditation Commission.
Title: Re: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: Thrasher on October 12, 2011, 03:26:59 PM
I heard that Northwest Accreditation Commission is now hooking with AdvancedED.  I agree that this arrangement will have no affect on the past conduct of Northwest Accreditation Commission. It seems that Northwest Accreditation Commission is constantly trying to dodge or run from something.  8)
Title: Re: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: Scholarship Bob on October 20, 2011, 01:02:21 AM
NAAS DEIA Agents spoil plans by the Idaho State Dept. of Education, the Utah Dept.of Education, and The Association of Washington School Principals. These organizations have ties to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc. Legal filings allege that numerous schools and programs connected to The Northwest Accreditation Commission are Diploma Mills and recruitment centers for terrorists.
Title: Re: Fraudulent Accreditation
Post by: Petergitundu on September 03, 2013, 12:55:47 AM
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