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Teachers are assaulting students at record numbers. Many of these convicted teachers are either sentenced to No Jail time or very little jail time. Even Teachers merely accused of sexual assault are retaining their positions.

Mission of the Student Victim Fund

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for schools or courts to help the students that were victimized. Oftentimes, students who were traumatized or victimized must hire expensive attorneys or either just settle for being a victim.

The mission of this fund is to raise funds for victims, raise awareness of this crisis, and reward students, and parents, and others, who help expose teacher predators. Students and parents should be empowered to Take Back the Classroom!
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SPM Resorts Recruitment of Collection Companies. How Consumers are Harassed by Illgitimate Collection Attempts for Phony Real-Estate Titles. Keeping the scam alive. Despite a consumer's complaint disputing any evidence of a timeshare ownership, and depite documents filed with the South Carolina Departmnent of Consumer Affairs documenting the non-existence of a valid, legal, and enforceable realty contract or purchase agreement, how does SPM Resorts Inc. continue the practice of its questionable billing practices for so-called maintance fees? At what point does a timeshare get foreclosed upon? Why do collection companies participate in thise scheme, and who are they?

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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidUsing Collegection Agencies to Enforce a Timeshare Scam
Hit-man Meridian Financial Services, Inc.

With respect to Bluebeard's Castle Hilltop Villas III, and several other alleged resort developers, they appear to have an exclusive arrangement with SPM Resorts, Inc. to invoice alleged or perceived "owners" of time-share units located at BlueBeards's Castle.

Meridian Financial Services, Inc., is a collection agency licensed in North Carolina, but has offices in Las Vegas, NV, and elsewhere. Alleged owners or persons that question the legitimacy of invoices sent by SPM Resorts, Inc., are routinely referred to Meridian Financial Services, Inc. For reasons outlined hereinabelow, this company is quite suspicious.

On August 1st, 2004, Meridian Financial Services, Inc., had its corporate charter permanently revoked by the Nevada Secretary of State, according to public records. The company employs a couple of characters called Stephen Quitman, and Robert Mills. The company had been registered as a domestic corporation in Nevada, but after its domestic status had been revoked it re-organized as a "Foreign Corporation." As part of a clever legal strategy, it installed these persons as officers:

RENO, NV 89511
Note: This is a non-natural person. 
This same entity is a resident agent of over 32,000 companies,
according to Nevada public records.
Treasurer/Director: JOHN GALEA
MIAMI, FL 33143
Secretary: KAREN L GREEN
MIAMI, FL 33143
Director: GREG NASH
MIAMI, FL 33143

ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidUnderstanding the Confusion and Dirty Web of Timeshares: Why Timesahres are Bad.

To confuse federal and state authorities about the affiliations between the entities that develop the interval time-share properties and the actual companies that manage the properties, and the various subsidiaries, it is common within the time-share industry to create companies with similar names, and shuffle subsidiaries like dominoes or playing cards. When heat is pressed against one-card, the shuffler simply rotates (changes the company name and owner) to another hand. It is this technique that keeps law enforcement agencies, and poorly staffed consumer protection agencies confused, and consumers from investigating the fraudulent patterns of ownership.

Consider these facts with respect to BlueBeard's Castle Hilltop Villas III.

As of January 1st, 2007, Fairfield Resorts, Inc. has been listed as the owner/developer of BlueBeards Castle Hilltop Villas III. SPM Resorts, Inc. allegedly manages the various time-shares associated with BlueBeard units. In the spring of 2007, this same company (Fairfield Resorts, Inc.) purchased Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc has a principal address of 8427 South Park Circle, Orlando, FL 32819. In fact, Fairfield Resorts, Inc. also has a principal business address of 8427 SouthPark Circle, Suite 500, Orlando, FL 32819. The company that issues the deeds to purported owners of the time-share units has the same address as the purported developer.

ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidPublic Civil Suits Against BlueBeards's Castle Inc.

In a lawsuit filed by Muriel Campbell and Steve Campbell in the District Court of the Virgin Islands (Civil Case # 2006-67), the face page of the court docket alleges that BlueBeards's Castle Inc. is "d/b/a SPM Resorts Management." However, if you were to research their literature, their history, and view their invoices, who would make the direct connection beween BlueBeards's Castle Inc. and SPM Resorts, Inc? After-all, consumer complaint files always refer to SPM Resorts, Inc. as the manager of properties instead of the perceived role of developer that is associated with BlueBeards's Castle Inc. BlueBeard's Castle Hilltop Villas III is apparently an association that is run by the respective owners. Do you understand so far?? Read on.

ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidHow to Keep Consumers Confused About Timeshares

Instead of retiring the Wyndham Vacation Resorts name as is typical when a majority owner takes control, and desires to spread the successor's brand name, the old and subdued Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc is still prevalent upon the website, and most stationery, as of the rime this report was first published. [*Companies often change information after an NAAS Media Report; SPM Resorts, for example, has dramatically improved the appearance and information appearing in their website since this article was first published.]

In recent times, there are numerous instances when a consumer has contacted Fairfield but instead they are told that the company has been sold to or bought by Wyndham Vacation Resorts. Consumers with unsettled complaints are referred to either the "new" company or some company claiming to be an affiliate of the "new" company.

At the same time that is displaying images and symbols that suggests the website is owned and operated by Wyndham, an affiliate of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, called Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, LLC, operates a nearly identical website at This website makes no mention as to whether or not it is owned by or associated with Fairfield Resorts, Inc. At the time of the first publication of this report, no exact street address was listed. However, when a person attempts to contact the company, the website refers a reader to instead of, the website of the alleged purchaser.

In clicking on websites that Wyndham Worldwide claims to be official affiliates, the is not amongst the ones listed.

Equivest St. Thomas, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fairfield Resorts, Inc., claims a telephone operator employed by Fairfield. Fairfield Resorts, Inc. also operates its own title and recording business at the same address used by its other subsidiaries. In response to a consumer complaint, Paul D. Goodrich informed a South Carolina consumer complaint analyst that the consumer may have purchased through Equivest St. Thomas, which is currently owned by Wyndham Resorts (formally Fairfield Resorts). Anybody understand??

In the opinion of some persons, all of the above is designed to confuse consumers and keep law enforcement from catching up.

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