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Phony 'NAAS' Officer, Don Jordan
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Subject: -- Official NAAS® Trademark Series
An NAAS® Special Investigation of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Jenny Sanford, Professor Don Jordan of the University of South Carolina,and the business practices of SPM Resorts, Inc., and the South Carolina Time-share industry.
Sub-title: Dirty Affairs of South Carolina
Reverend Mark McDonald
Guest writer for NAAS NEW Media Reports
Edward Samuels, NAAS Editor
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South Carolina Institutions and Persons
Don Jordan of USCAmerican Junior Academy of Science (Joan Messer)Mark Sanford of South CarolinaCho Seung-HuiSPM Resorts, Inc.Jenny Sanford (wife of Mark Sanford)
Mark Sanford exposes a culture of fetish, plagiarism, and perversity

NEWS, Commentary & Analysis
We welcome our Religious Guest speaker to provide to us a religious perspective on certain topics as noted in this report. This speaker disdains the Internet, and has no routine web presense, as required per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules. However, he agreed to our request, and may become a featured speaker on issues of morality. Please note: We welcome all religious perspectives. The use of any religious speaker does not necessarily represent an endorsement of one religious perspective over the other, or one religion versus another religion.

This brief Media Report contains a subject matter of general and public interest, and should be read only by persons interested in the subject and contents therein. Routinely, we receive inquiries from consumers requesting that we investigate particular persons, industries, companies, institutions, or business practices.

This report is a public service announcement motivated by the conduct of the persons discussed, as well as by the request of NAAS readers.

This report is a humble attempt to provide the consumer, residents of South Carolina, and students of South Carolina University, a peek inside the walls of corruption that seem to line the hallways of many South Carolina businesses, South Carolina state agencies, and the psychology of deceit being taught by persons that are members of and/or associated with National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) or National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

According to their website, NACAC is an Arlington, VA-based education association of more than 11,000 secondary school counselors, independent counselors, college admission and financial aid officers, enrollment managers, and organizations that allegedly work with students as they make the transition from high school to postsecondary education. Allegedly founded in 1937, NACAC claims to be committed to maintaining high standards that foster ethical and social responsibility among those involved in the transition process.

According to their website, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) promotes the professional preparation, effectiveness, support, and diversity of persons and organizations involved in the administration of student financial aid, and facilitates communication throughout its community. NASFAA asserts that it receives a tax-exempt status from the I.R.S., and that it represents more than 20,000 financial aid professionals at nearly 3,000 colleges, universities and career schools across the country.

NASFAA is believed to be the largest postsecondary education association in the United States, and has many governmental ties to federal employees in Washington, D.C. NASFAA claims to have a primary focus on student aid legislation, regulatory analysis, and training for financial aid administrators.

Despite these seemingly impressive credentials, files from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and other federal agencies, will show with concrete clarity that members of and/or associates (directly or indirectly) of these two organizations (NASFAA, NACAC) have been and continue to be the most prolific perpetrators of some form of student financial-aid fraud, student-loan fraud, and academic deceit in the history of the United States of America. Both of these non-profit organizations have the largest collective membership of persons, financial-aid counselors, and teachers that have either been indicted, arrested, or charged with some form of fraud, theft, student molestations, student rapes, academic cheating, or some form of deceit. The record is overwhelming.

In fact, this Publisher first exposed the fact that in the mid 1990s a federal informant was working for NASFAA, and was backed by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and federal agencies to distribute false information to American oonsumers. The objective of the informant was to mislead and deceive the general public while student-loan fraud, back-room dealing, cheating, and various forms of financial-aid/loan fraud was raging amongst many NASFAA/NACAC members. At the same time, of course, there was no targeted attempt by legislative authorities to guard against this type of fraud because the biggest perpetrators were the same persons recommending solutions against non-NASFAA members. In other words, the foxes were guarding the hen house, and made sure their under-handed dealings were closely guarded.

According to a 1997 NAASFA membership directory, and a 1999 NASFAA Membership Directory, the University of South Carolina, the employer of Professor Don Jordan, was an institutional member of NASFAA.

The NACAC Exhibit: David Hawkins
First, and foremost, let me get one thing straight very fast. National Academy of American Scholars has superior ethics, character, and integrity than the majority of non-profit organizations, and specifically has superior standards to the employer of David Hawkins. This is a fact embedded in a track record that spans over 25 years.

Several years ago, an official from NACAC, David Hawkins, prostituted away what little ethics and integrity that NACAC possibly had when he participated in deliberate scheme to undermine the legitimate Christian business practices and free-speech rights of National Academy of American Scholars.

The precise details of how Mr. Hawkins came into contact with an unethical reporter is not entirely known by this Publisher. Neither is it precisely known what gifts, money, favors, if any, he may have received. What is known, however, is certain facts: he spoke about a matter that does not appear to be consistent with the same federally-filed mission and objectives that his employer filed with the Internal Revenue Service when it sought federal tax-exempt status. A request to the I.R.S. for the latest tax records of NACAC were denied by the I.R.S. This fact supports the theory that questions remain unanswered about the character, integrity, and legtimacy of NACAC? The fact that the I.R.S. refused the request, and routinely refuses such requests, fuels suspicions that NACAC may be corrupt, and that Mr. Hawkins violated federal laws.

Tax records will no doubt demonstrate that NACAC officials, Joyce Smith, David Hawkins, etc., are receiving *HUGE* salaries while many students are struggling with ever-rising tuition hikes. This is one of the reasons why a request for the tax records of NACAC will not be provided to any student, any parent, or any person believed to publish the same and share with the public.

As a tax-paying citizen, it is outrageous that my federal tax dollars are going to support the seemingly illegal habits of a non-profit organization that is using my federal tax dollars and your federal tax dollars to preach their particular brand of Socialism. If Mr. Hawkins wants to advocate to the U.S. media, and to others the discredited concepts of Communism, Socialism, and his welfare enrichment theories, then he should do so with his own funds, and not be provided a free pass by the I.R.S.


Instead of reporting the complete facts, both Hawkins and the reporter engaged in conduct that can be construed as an attempt to chill the free-speech of this Publisher while simultaneoulsy promoting their Socialist theories, and praising persons with a known track record of Socialist conduct, and subversive activities. These same persons not only have a history of making false statements to federal authorities, they also have praised the basic tenets and core foundation of Communism.

In response, a federal criminal complaint was filed against the family. It was never responded to. The fact that the disgruntled famly never answered or responded to a federal complaint and that fact was never alluded to in an article in which David Hawkins served as an interview subject, raises questions about his integrity. The fact that the family had violated public NAAS EAS/N2 Rules was never discussed. The facts that were raised about the authenticity of the student's transcript, grades, and recommendations were nver addressed in the so-called news article. Etc., etc.

David Hawkins, and this unethical reporter, agreed to serve as editorial parrots of the disgruntled family. They both parroted the same dismissed theories of the family while deceitfully refusing to report the set of facts supported by federal officials.

Despite being employed by a non-profit organization, Hawkins was not shy of the camera. When it was time to perform an oral job, David Hawkins did well. He made the family smile. He mande the male reporter smile. He certainly stimulated them, as evidenced by their attempts to pitch the disgraced article to others. The vast majority of main stream newspapers rejected the feed. Whether on his knees or bending over, Hawkins knew his position well. Like a male whore, David Hawkins took it all in. Every last drop.

The vast majority of U.S. students, institutions, media organizations, parents, and others, quickly recognized what sort of editorial/literary scam David Hawkins had entered into. Ethical reporters and ethical employees of non-profit organizations do not allow themselves to become the parrot or pigeon of disgruntled persons, Communist sympathizers, or persons accused of crimes. Mr. Hawkins and his male friends had an opportunity to communicate their concersn directly to this Publisher, and NAAS staff. Instead, they rolled the dice and lost.

What this Publisher has reported for years is: Never trust an NASFAA/NACAC officer, and be suspicious about persons and organizations with membership ties to NASFAA/NACAC.

Despite being employed by a non-profit organization, Hawkins was not shy of the camera. When it ws time to perform an oral job, David Hawkins did well. He made the family smile. He certainly stimulated them, as evidenced by their attempts to pitch the disgraced article to others. Whether on his knees or bending over, Hawkins knew his position well. Like a male whore, he took it all in. Every drop

Standards of University of South Carolina
High-Rankings vs. High Suspicions
According to their website, the University of South Carolina claims it is ranked No. 52 in the nation among public universities; this claim is based upon a flawed ranking and analysis that apparently appeared in the U.S. News & World Report's 2009 "America's Best Colleges" guide (fall 2008). Criteria used in the ranking of universities include student-faculty ratio, graduation and retention rates, alumni giving, peer assessment and SAT-ACT scores. Not included in the rankings were an in-depth analysis of integrity, ethics, or moral values or compliance with all federal and state laws. Also not included, was a crime index of faculty members.

Other suspicious claims made by representatives of the University of South Carolina include:
  1. Claims that the University of South Carolina was listed as No. 9 among the nation's "Most Promising and Innovative Schools"
  2. Claims that the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has designated the University of South Carolina as an institution of "very high research activity"
  3. Claims that The University of South Carolina is the state flagship university with the highest percentage of African-American student enrollment in the nation;
  4. Claims that U.S. News & World Report's college and graduate school guides rank the Moore School of Business No. 1 in the nation for its undergraduate international business program (fall 2008);

First, and foremost, what appears to be so, is not necessarily accurate. On face value, these credentials appear impressive to the uneducated, to the average educated, and to the lay person. However, this Publisher is not easily persuaded by seemingly puffy credentials.

Common Perversity and Indecency
One need only review the seemingly impeccable credentials of former U.S. President Mr. Richard M. Nixon, former N.Y. Governor Mr. Eliot Spitzer, former New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey, Dina Matos McGreevey (wife of James E. McGreevey), phony 'NAAS' president David Steadman, phony 'NAAS' Commisioner Chuck Fannin, current Idaho Senator Larry Craig, former FBI agent Robert Phillip Hannsen, University of South Carolian Professor Don Jordan, and many others. Most of these persons share a common thread of perversity, immorality, hypocrisy, sexual depravity, and failure to embrace pure Christian concepts. In short, they are human trash.

Take for example, alleged 'Dr.' David G. Steademan, and his harem of phony 'NAAS' officers, phony 'NAAS' Commissioners, and phony 'NAAS' committees. If David G. Steadman were in Italy right now, it is highly likely and most probable that his residence would be an Italian prison instead of an Idaho mansion. Unfortunately, the model of justice in the State of Idaho prevents that state from prosecuting persons like David Steadman. Therefore, consumers have come to rely upon NAAS Media Reports for accurate newsworthy stories that are not edited for political correctness.

The conduct of Mr. Steadman, as well as his business of phony 'NAAS' accreditation services, is promoted and endorsed by the state education departments of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Alaska. One of his chief co-conspirators is Chuck Fannin. Just as a convicted child molester can get a job in an American school these days, a trademark thief and serial infringer can be a principal of an American high school. So, it should be no surpise that morally flawed Chuck Fannin is a principal of South Anchorage High School in Alaska. Recruited by Steadman, Fannin was appointed to be an 'NAAS' Commissioner affiliated with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

While some of the subjects of this report have a fetish for debased sex, adultery, and rampant homosexuality, both the Steadman family and Chuck Fannin have a deep and intense lust, and perverted fetish for the 'NAAS' label. Anything to do with National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), they are out-of-control groupies.

When served a CEASE AND DESIST notice to stop infringing upon the NAAS label in March 2009,and when told to stop referring to himself as an 'NAAS' officer, the odd-couple of perverts did neither. Mr. Fannin did not immediately comply with the requests, he continued to associate himself with the NAAS label despite having no legal authority to do so. Meanwhile, David G. Steademan filed a document under penalty of perjury that contained numerous false statements in his bid to hijack the NAAS label.

The sick fetish for the NAAS label continued and continued until it became clear that the matter would not go away until full compliance was reached, or the men and their affiliates sought suggested psychiatric help.

When the effort is repeated and sustained, and when multiple CEASE AND DESIST notices go unheeded, and when a person files an identical mark with the U.S. Patent & Tradmark Office only to suffer public embarassment over its rejection, and when attorneys force compliance, certainly such a fetish classifies as a form of perversion. All the while, the corrupt state education departments that are headed by unethical persons continued to endorse conduct that is prosecutable in most civilized countries.

Now consider the case of the former Governor of New Jersey, James E. McGreevey. This individual sought and attained the position of elected Governor of New Jersey. According to the New Jersey Real-Time News, a former aide to James E. McGreevey said that he had a three-way sexual tryst with the former governor and his wife (Dina Matos McGreevey) before he took office.

The aide, Theodore Pedersen, said he and the couple even had a nickname for the weekly romps, calling them "Friday Night Specials." In fact, the media reports that McGreevey attended Pedersen's graduation from Rutgers University. Also, the media reports that the apparently homosexual Pedersen accompanied the governor and others on a trip to China last year instead of the men being in the exclusive company of women. This Publisher has not located any evidence to contract the statements of the apparently admitted homosexual Theodore Pedersen and neither has this Publisher located any evidence to support the incredible claims of Dina Matos McGreevey that she was unaware that James E. McGreevey was a serial homosexual that took pleasure in criminal homosexuality, unnatural acts, and sexually deviant conduct.

As with statistics, we can only conclude that perceptions can be misleading. Paper credentials are only suggestive of quality like beauty is only skin deep. It is not evidence of quality or character. Case closed.

Questionable Statistics about University of South Carolina
Subject to the condition that additional facts are presented to this Publisher that suggest otherwise, it is very possible that, in the opinion of many persons, that the University of South Carolina is a very fine institution, and that the vast majority of its employees are excellent workers and educators. Wonderful! Great! Amazing!

Each of the claims listed by the University of Carolina versus reality is a different story, as noted in this story. First and foremost, nothing contained in this report should be construed as suggestive that USC lacks ethics or integrity. One is free to gather his/her own opinion.

Nonethelss, in virtually every place of employment, however, there is always one or more bad apples. This report will discuss the 'bad apples.'

As for each of the University of South Carolina claims above, this Publisher has many questions. A few are listed below:
  1. Why does the University of South Carolina refer to itself as U.S.C., like its more popular counter-part, University of South Carolina?

  2. If the University of South Carolina was listed as No. 9 among the nation's "Most Promising and Innovative Schools", then what were the reasons why it wasn't listed at number 1?;

  3. If the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has designated the University of South Carolina as an institution of "very high research activity" then why is this link no longer present on the website, and what is the value in vey high research activity vs. high research activity, and can the two differences, if any, be quantified by a mathematical equation probability theory that can be independently verified?;

  4. The University of South Carolina claims to have only has the highest percentage of African-American student enrollment in the nation but does not detail any supportive data, and does not detail any of the following:
    1. What percentage of the African-American student enrollment at University of South Carolina has higher SAT/ACT test scores than other universities in the U.S.A.?

    2. What percentage of the African-American student enrollment at University of South Carolina graduate in four years or less, and how does this rate compare to other universities in U.S.A.?

      According to a blog called Rebelle Nation, and an entry titled:Jon Stewart's Salute To South Carolina: Bestiality, Adultery, Racism, And Lindsey Graham, certain perverted acts appear to be routine in South Carolina. Noted comics have had a field day in recent weeks about the affairs of South Carolina.

    3. What percentage of the African-American male student enrollment at University of South Carolina routinely wear sagging jeans, wear earrings, and refer to each other with racially-charged words vs. the culture of the African-American male student enrollment at Harvard, UCLA, Purdue, etc., and other top-quality schools?

    4. What percentage of the African-American student enrollment at University of South Carolina has enrolled in Math, Science, Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science majors vs. the enrollment of the African-American student enrollment at other notable universities and colleges?

    5. What percentage of the African-American student enrollment at University of South Carolina is generally happy, pleased, content, and comfortable at being educated in a bastion of Southern Confederacy?

    6. What percentage of the non-African-American student enrollment at University of South Carolina view the African-American student enrollment as their equal peers in terms of raw intellectual ability?

These are only a few questions. The credibility and motivation of the sources cited by the University of South Carolina are not beyond suspicion. Any magazine or newspaper that accepts any form of advertising revenue from the same subjects it may one day investigate is not credible or legitimate in the opnion of this Publisher.

As for Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, many of the persons cited on their Board of Trustees have ties to NASFAA.

More importantly, this Publisher revealed that in the 1990s, many main-stream media sources, including several of the ones cited by the University of South Carolina, were also recruited by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the U.S. Postal Service, and the FTC in 1996 or thereabouts to take part in Project $cholar $scam, a covert campaign that used a federal informant sponsored by NASFAA whose job was to mislead, and deceive the general public, and over-state the depth of financial-aid fraud while concealing various schemes connected to many NASFAA-member institutions and employees.

Therefore, the claims cited by University of South Carolina may be impressive for persons at the bottom of the Bell curve, but real scholars are able to discard the fluff. Until more information and evidence is forthcoming, and especially in light of undisputed facts, and the conduct of Profesor Don Jordan (see below), this Publisher must defer on the side of caution.

Plagiarism and infringement. An analysis of 'Ol South Professor Don Jordan
He is no legitimate NAAS Officer
The good old days of ignorance, illiteracy, inferior technology, state-sanctioned incest, adultery, and child molestations that were rampant in the pre-Civil War South is now a matter of the past. For many old-school Southerners,however, it is hard to ignore those good 'ol days of sin, evil, and general ignorance.

According to a blog called Rebelle Nation, and an entry titled: Jon Stewart's Salute To South Carolina: Bestiality, Adultery, Racism, And Lindsey Graham, certain perverted acts appear to be routine in South Carolina. Noted comics have had a field day in recent weeks about the affairs of South Carolina.

South Carolina is not only home to a seriously perverted Governor who is attracted to sleezy and disease-prone sluts (whose perverted life-styles make them prone to HIV, syphillis, and other sexual diseases), but South Carolina has sole bragging rights to Rodell Vereen. He is the only man in America (in recent history) to be charged with having sex with a living horse. You heard me right: a living horse! And yes, Rodell Vereen is a resident of Columbia, SC!

The well-publicized incident involving Rodell Vereen wasn't the first time this South Carolina man has been charged with buggery. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after owner Barbara Kenley found him in the same stable.

Are the women in South Carolina so distasteful and so ugly? The South Carolina Governor has an affair with a woman in another country, and Mr. Vereen seeks out a horse instead of available South Carolina women.

South Carolina officials did not incarcerate this pervert. He was instead sentenced to probation. Soon after his release, however, Rodell Vereen went on the prowl and was chasing horses again.

After driving around, and consulting with residents of the area where he could find female horses, he was pointed to the direction of stable owner Barbara Kenley.

Vereen eyed a particular horse. His eyes widened. His hands became sweaty with anticipation. His lips drooled with bestial lust. He dismissed images of American beauty queens, he cursed South Carolina women, and he instead began stimulating himself. Eventually, he pulled his pants down, and went straight for the rear of the horse.

He proceeded thereon to engage in a dispicable, perverted, sinful, and deviant act that few human men would dare.

Fortunately, owner Barbara Kenley had her handy camcorder, and was able to capture some footage.

What is more perverted than having sex with an animal, some of you may ask? Well, what about the story of controversial University of South Carolina Math professor Don Jordan: he apparently can't compute common sense, much less follow arithematic orders from his employer. Like David Steadman, Chuck Fannin, Don has a sick fetish for the 'NAAS' label. He just can't suck enough of it.

"I sincerely want to be an excellent teacher, and I work each day to achieve this goal.In addition to my teaching goal, I strive to be something different to the students of The University of South Carolina--to provide an environment, which will make a student feel he or she is noticed. I would like to be involved in whatever ways possible for the betterment of science and mathematical education for all.---Don Jordan"

The above quotation appeared on a sloppy, poorly-designed web page that was hosted by a computer server apparently owned by University of South Carolina. You see, the University of South Carolina DOES NOT have the ethics, integrity, or character of brand educational institutions that support and defend U.S. federal laws, and intellectual property rights. Don Jordan is evidence of that fact.

Mr. Suspected Copy-cat Don Jordan is suspected of stealing the academic ideas of others and then infringing upon the rights of those who actually created the ideas. Perverted N.Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer at first denied he was cheating on his unattractive wife, but later conceded when the prostitute he slept with fingered him. That wont happen in the case of Don Jordan. Jordan is a beast of the South. Dumb. Cowardly. Stupid. Ignorant. All the reasons why the South could not win, and had no chance of winning the Civil War.

Naturally, little-brained Don does not accept claims of plagiarism, or infringement. "I am from the South. I am employed by the mighty University of South Carolina. I am not concerned with federal laws or state laws that I am not visibly violating", Jordan is probably thinking. Alas, is this the same argument many professors of Virgnia Tech clung to before Korean-born Seung-hui Cho shattered their over-reaching bubble of arrogance??

Despite federal laws, Professor Don Jordan is a promoter, sponsor, and endorser to an official NAAS imposter organization that is currently under investigation for a variety of offenses.

Like some idiot, Don Jordan claims to have once served as President of 'NAAS'. He also claims to be the Editor of the 'NAAS' National Newsletter. Yeah, this Publisher is actually the founder of Apple, and an Editor of a Microsoft newsletter.

In fact, Don Jordan is a liar if not a plagieriser. He has never served or been employed by National Academy of American Scholars(NAAS). He has never been editor any legitimate NAAS newsletter. Don Jordan is NOT, WAS NOT, and can NEVER be a legitimate 'NAAS' officer. Mr. Jordan is nothing more than another petty thug trying to peddle the NAAS label to solicit attention to a copy-cat NAAS organization because he lacks the real brains and genetic material to devise a label that is entirely distinct and separate from the NAAS brand.

The paper credentials of Don Jordan, like the paper credentials of former N.Y. Governor Mr. Eliot Spitzer, former New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey, Dina Matos McGreevey (wife of James E. McGreevey), Chuck Fannin, current Idaho Senator Larry Craig, former FBI agent Robert Phillip Hannsen, mean absolutely nothing, and do not prove integrity or good character.

I suppose that Mr. Don Jordan can be, if he desires, the male lover of pervert James E. McGreevey, or the well-traveled homosexual Theodore Pedersen. However, what Don Jordan CANNOT be is an NAAS officer no matter how hard his little head tries to think of himself an an NAAS officer.

What is also possible is that Mr. Jordan can be, if he desires, a scheming trademark thief, a plagiarising professor, or a common thug, whose interests are to steal, plagiarize, infringe upon, and copy the NAAS label because the inferior education he received from the University of South Carolina apparently did not prepare him to have he creative ability to devise a mark or label apart from another person. What is also possible is that Don Jordan may have agreed to illegally infringe upon the 'NAAS' trademark as a means to deceive the students of South Carolina high-schools in general, and more particularly, to scam donors into supporting his copy-cat organization.

The copy-cat organization Don Jordan sponsors and promotes is an organization set-up somewhat similar to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

According to the Georgia Journal of Science, in December of 2008, the National Association of Academies of Science is an affiliate of The American Association for the Advancement of Science. The alleged purpose of this imposter organization is to promote the common aims and purposes of the several state and municipal academies and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The National Association of Academies of Science is composed of state and regional academies of science.

To facilitate the actions and objectives of the National Association of Academies of Science, the organization also sponsors the American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS); this organization is headed by Professor Joan McCoy Messer; a colleague of Don Jordan, and another NASFAA affiliate who is being investigated for fraud, plagiarism, and trademark infringement.

The members of the various academies are typically high-school seniors that have an interest in science and/or math.

The majority of the members and mentors of the respective state and municipal academies are in fact males. These various student academies are located in each of the individual states in the United States. Collectively, National Association of Academies of Science is the umbrella organization that manages each of the respective state and municipal academies.

As part of the alleged scheme, Don Jordan, and his NASFAA-member entities, use the imposter 'NAAS' label to induce donors to fund the South Carolina chapter (South Carolina Academy of Science) of their copy-cat, phony, deceptive, and misleading National Association of Academies of Science. Both Joan McCoy, and Don Jordan are representatives of their respective state academies to AAAS. Both persons, likewise, use the 'NAAS' label without authorization to seek out donors.

Evidence obtained from federal agencies suggest that the conduct by Professor Don Jordan is in violation of U.S. Trademark laws, and provides an opportunity for deceit and fraud.

As evidence against the character and integrity of Don Jordan, simply consider the table below derived from searching the University of South Carolina's website.

Trademark-Stealing Professor or Legitimate Educator?
  1. Deceptive Link #1 by Don Jordan
  2. Deceptive Link #2 by Don Jordan
  3. Deceptive Link #3 by Don Jordan
  4. Deceptive Link #4 by Don Jordan
  5. Deceptive Link #5 by Don Jordan
  6. Deleted by employer of Don Jordan
  7. Deceptive Link #6 by Don Jordan
  8. Deleted by employer of Don Jordan
  9. Deleted by employer of Don Jordan
Table of Deceptive Links Linked to Don Jordan

When asked why he is using and promoting the trademark of another company without any direct benefits to him, he has no answer or explanation. When informed that his employer, the University of South Carolina, has already deleted the hyperlinks of his colleagues for the same offense, he shrugs his shoulders as if to say 'So what'. When informed that many of his colleagues have stopped using the 'NAAS' mark without authorization, he continues his defiant stand of Southern stupidity, Southern arrogance, and Southern incivility. Thank God for the Union victory, or we could still have ignorant, obnoxious, god-hating persons and demons like Don Jordan in control.

When informed that his conduct can be considered as fraudulent and illegal, his inaction essentially means 'Shove-it.'

As to the charge that "he is a trademark-stealing professor&34, no answer or explanation was provided.

Given the conduct of Prof. Don Jordan, one begins to question the crediblity of his associations. We know for instance that he and another crackpot professor, Joan McCoy Messer of Jones County Junior College, are promoting a phony 'NAAS' organization that is infringing upon the 'NAAS' trademark. Cease and DESIST letters have been ignored because every since he was a little boy, he has been stuborn and stupid.

Does Don Jordan represent the values, ethics, and integrity of University of South Carolina or the values of the defeated Southern Confederacy? Is this guy also teaching University of South Carolina students to lie, cheat, steal, or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others? Why doesn't the University of South Carolina simply feature high-school dropouts to run its college courses?

Employees, volunteers, and staff of NAAS are prohibited from engaging in any conduct that can be possibly construed as immoral, perverted, unethical, criminal, and/or illegal. That same argument does not necessarily apply to the State of South Carolina, or the University of South Carolina, the Math Department of the University of South Carolina, or South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

We receive many email inquiries from students of South Carolina asking if Don Jordan is an agent or officer of NAAS. Is National Academy of American Scholars associated with any of the 'NAAS' organizations that Don Jordan appears to be promoting? Others query if Don Jordan or the University of South Carolina are authorized NAAS affiliates. Others inquire about Joan McCoy Messer; if she is legitimate.

After a few internal chuckles, we respond. We deny association with these persons despite their perverted attempts and fetish to latch onto the 'NAAS' brand.

If the Governor of South Carolina is willing to prostitute himself, lie to his own family, lie to his government staff, and use government funds to carry on an illicit affair of perversity on taxpayer time, then what is an insignificant little poodle like bobble-head Don Jordan willing to do? Lets face it: Plagiarism and trademark fraud is not as sexy as adultery.

Hypocrite University of South Carolinar
Despite the despicable acts committed by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, South Carolina authorities did not have the civic and moral courage to handcuff him before the public and treat hime like any other arrestee and common thug.

The same argument can be made against the University of South Carolina and its tolerance for Don Jordan. Neil C. Jones, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, of Greenville, South Carolina, argued that the University of South Carolina should be allowed to register a trademark that was confusingly similar to the established S.C. label that represents the University of South Carolinaappellant.

When the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office initially refused to register the marks submitted by attorneys who served the University of South Carolina, the South Carolina legal team acted like a whining brat, and continued to challenge U.S.C. All the while, these same attornetys apparently did not see the need to police Don Jordan. Don Jordan is perheps the most skilled liar and trademark Fetish who has set foot on the school campus.
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