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Scholarship News

Scholarship NewsScholarship News: A professional resource guide of scholarship news and reviews.

Scholarship News

Scholarship News: June 25, 2015. A professional resource guide of scholarship news, college scholarships, scholarship bulletins, and scholarship resources. We are in the throes of the Summer of 2015. The new Scholarship for Military Children program continues its stellar track record of success. In June of 2015, the program benefitted as many as 700 students of military families with a $2,000 scholarship. Scholarship recipient Adrian Martinez, a home-schooled student from Fort Lee, Va.,was one of the scholarship recipients who spoke about how he benefitted from the program.

June 27th, 2015. In other Scholarship News, National Academy of American Scholars announces plans to increase financial-aid and grants to International schools abroad. Grant-seeking institutions may apply for micro-grants to help fund school supplies, etc. We cncourage African, Latin-American, and many other countries to participate, and join our International Club.

June 27th, 2015.The Scholarship Keys app will also be updated just prior to its anniversary. We will be updating the Scholarship Keys app for Tablets, and the Apple store. The updated Scholarship Keys app will be a major mobile portal for students and adults seeking scholarships and grants.

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Scholarship NewsJune 26th, 2015: Legalization of Gay Marriage: Affects on Scholarships and Financial-Aid

The recent Supreme Court decision legalizing Gay marriage, and removing the final barrier for lesbians, gays, and all homosexuals to marry freely will increase scholarship opportunities for the Leabian and Gay community. Expect more scholarship sponsors to offer financial-aid, and scholarships to students who identify as gays or lesbians. Expect more announcements on this topic.

Scholarship NewsJune 27th, 2015: Google makes it harder to find Scholarship News.

Many persons rely upon the Google search engine to find scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. However, many persons consider the Google Scholarship Search algorithm to be severely flawed. To test the realibility and usefulness of the Google scholarship search engine, simply test a few scholarship keywords. On June 25th, 2015, we tested the keyword 'scholarship programs' and the results are shocking. The home page of National Academy of American Scholars was not listed until page 30.

The website ScholarshipPorgrams.Org was listed on page #1, but it could not be accessed due to coding or security flaws. How does a website that is not even working get listed on page #1, but a website that has existed for over 20 years, not get ranked??

Scholarship NewsJune 25th, 2015. Corporations Increase Grants to African-Americans in wake of Alleged Police Abuse, and Actual Shootings

With the recent spate of alleged police abuse agsinst minorites, as well as actual cases of explicit abuse, more corporate sponsors are steppig forward and increasing the size and availability of African-American grants and awards. College grants earmarked for African-Americans has increased 23% from the prior fiscal quarter, and are expected to increae another 13% by the fourth quarter of 2015. We encourage African-Americans to apply for these new African-American college grants.

Scholarship NewsWhat information can you expect from our Scholarship News.

You can expect our scholarship news to provide the latest and most current information about various national, local, and regional scholarships, as well as what scholarships, grants, and financial-aid products are trending. In addition, our Scholarship News channel will be updating our sample scholarship applications, as well as our published scholarship applications. You can also expect for us to keep you updated on our Scholarship Points that we use on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google-plus, etc.

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If you are searching for scholarship news tips and recommendations, this is the page. Students attending college for the first time, as well as adults continuing their education can use some scholarship news recommendations. Our most important recommendation for any student seeking private or corporate scholarships and grants is to always follow the general instructions of the sponsor. Do not attempt to "outhink" the sponsor. If the sponsor requests for you to abide by simple instructions, then comply with the instructions.

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