FAQ FAQ for Financial-Aid & Scholarships

All students and adults seeking to apply for any financial-aid, grants, or awards must first download our Scholarship Club Mobile App to complete the registration process.
Yes. International student from countries not on the prohibited list of the U.S. State Department are eligible to apply.
Private and federal awards do not have the same eligibility requirements. All requirements vary per award or contest. However, the minimum requirements generally are a 2.0 GPA average.
No. The official registration process can only take place via our Scholarship Mobile App.
The mobile app provides a status of your application. All Applicants are provided an Official, and Unique ID number. There are Four status alerts: Pending, Eligible, Ineligible, Approved, Offer.
Pending, Eligible, Ineligible, Approved, and Offer are the five Scholarship Notices. Pending means your application was submitted and is pending a review from the Scholarship Committee. Eligible means your application has met the minimum qualifications to be considered. Ineligible means your application did not meet the minimum qualifications to be considered. Approved means your application met the minimum reuirements for the award, and you have been approved for further consideration of the award or grants. Offer means your application has been approved to offer you an award or grant. You will be provided the additional steps to officially accept your award or grant.
Winners are selected based upon a review of all information and data submitted. Please review your Application Status alerts.
The Scholarship Club mobile app handles all scholarship notifications, and publications.
No. Telephone calls are not accepted after applications are submitted. It is recommended that all questions are submitted prior to application submissions or login into our Scholarship Mobile App to receive live answers.
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