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Please review our extensive category of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid,for Music Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. We cover featured, private, and sponsored Music scholarships for college and high-school students.
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Please review our latest scholarship news concerning scholarship, grants, and financial-aid selection for Musicians seeking scholarships, as well as grants for moms, mothers, and women.
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Please review our latest scholarship, grants, and financial-aid selection for students or adults who have a unique talent in a skill, sport, or discipline.
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Review our online Scholarship Watch newsletter for up-to-date scholarship news, and new scholarship sources and African-American scholarship information about newly released African-American scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for adults and students seeking college scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.


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Please Donate to the Student Victim Fund

Teachers are assaulting students at record numbers. Many of these convicted teachers are either sentenced to No Jail time or very little jail time. Even Teachers merely accused of sexual assault are retaining their positions.

Mission of the Student Victim Fund

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for schools or courts to help the students that were victimized. Oftentimes, students who were traumatized or victimized must hire expensive attorneys or either just settle for being a victim.

The mission of this fund is to raise funds for victims, raise awareness of this crisis, and reward students, and parents, and others, who help expose teacher predators. Students and parents should be empowered to Take Back the Classroom!

<? echo Scholarship Fund; ?>NAAS World Fund: A national scholarship donation solicitation campaign

We sponsor scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for high-school students, moms, women, as well as International students. Since 1988, Americans have relied upon National Academy of American Scholars for sponsoring scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. However, to continue this practice, we need corporate donations to fund these awards.

We accept donations from private persons, students, parents, international, as well as from local corporations. Your donation can send a needy student to school, and receive a quality education. We encourage you to consider the many students that need a quality education, and the fact that America's future relies upon an educated work-force. In addition, National Academy of American Scholars will adminster all scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. We have a track record that spans 25 years. Therefore, your funds are in great hands.

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<? echo Scholarship Fund; ?>Please give today. Every dollar counts. We accept donations to the NAAS World Scholarship Fund from students, parents, corporations, International and domestic companes, as well as from churches.

We encourage you to use popular social-media channels to invite others to donate to the NAAS World Scholarship Fund,and earn meritorous scholarship points in the process. Please LIKE our Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid FaceBook page; FOLLOW our NAAS Scholarships Twitter page; FOLLOW our Top Scholarships Pinterest page; One-plus our Google+ page for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Giving is the ultimate example of a benevolent act, and is worthy of meritorius consideration for any scholarship, grant, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.


*Why donate to the NAAS® World Scholarship Fund:
  1. Since 1988, National Academy of American Scholars have sponsored merit-based scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Our longevity is only possible because of our integrity and commitment to excellence and education;
  2. Global poverty, as well as poverty here in the U.S.A., is often fueled by insuffient funds to attend an institution of higher learning. Donating to this NAAS World Scholarship Fund will help National Academy of American Scholars leverage its ability to export its resources inorder to better maximize the potential for services to those most in need;
  3. U.S. Students are lagging behind other industrialized countries. With sufficieint scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, we can fund additional scholarships to help our youth receive the education and training that will help improve America's limited supply of engineering, science, medicine, technology, agricultural, and biology professions, as well as many other fields. Your donations will also help America's homeless teens because we donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations responsible for providing shelter to homeless youth.
Please give whatever you can to help America's youth. A minimum of $5 is encouraged.
Donations are processed securely online

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