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Please Donate to the Student Victim Fund

Teachers are assaulting students at record numbers. Many of these convicted teachers are either sentenced to No Jail time or very little jail time. Even Teachers merely accused of sexual assault are retaining their positions.

Mission of the Student Victim Fund

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for schools or courts to help the students that were victimized. Oftentimes, students who were traumatized or victimized must hire expensive attorneys or either just settle for being a victim.

The mission of this fund is to raise funds for victims, raise awareness of this crisis, and reward students, and parents, and others, who help expose teacher predators. Students and parents should be empowered to Take Back the Classroom!
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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidHypocrite Meridian Financial Services Fails to Honor Own Promises

Meridian Financial Services Recruited by SPM Resorts Recruitment to distribute and/or manufacture illegal and bogus real-estate deeds to justigy debt claims Keeping the scam alive. Meridian Financial Services claimed:"Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, this office will assume this debt is valid" Well, the files of this case indicate that the same argument certainly applies to everyone else, including Meridian Financial Services, and SPM Resorts, Inc. Public files indicate that SPM Resorts, Inc. was provided over a full year to respond to consumer fraud allegations, and chose to ignore the consumer, and even ignore requests from state government agencies.

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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidSPM Resorts, Inc. Fails to Timely Respond to Consumer Inquiry

Public Records, or records required to be made public, indicate the company DID NOT respond to allegations and concerns first voiced by the consumer in the time frame of 30 days, or even the time frame of an entire year!! Neither did the company respond to the concerns of a state Consumer Protection agency in the time-frame stated, says a post-card notice that the consumer received. One can assume that other consumers have been stiff-armed by SPM Resorts, Inc.

If you feel you are a victim of fraud by SPM Resorts, Inc., or you believe that Meridian Financial Services engages in felony crimes (manufacturing phony real estate deeds in the name of non-willing parties, using the U.S. mails to deliver false statements) simply to justify a debt, then please report these matters to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, or complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002. Unless SPM Resorts, Inc., can provide proof of a debt, there is no legal justification of the company for sending invoices not supported by facts.

ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidInvolvement of Debt Collection Agency Meridian Financial Services
Keepig the Scam Alive

The consumer claimed that a complaint was also filed against Meridian Financial Services with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, but an analyst there felt that Meridian could use any so-called "collection tactics" it chose to because the dispute was a "contractual" one.

The consumer presented a flotilla of facts to state agencies in North Carolina, and South Carolina. The result was a yawn. The consumer was ignored, and the companies were apparently informed that crime is O.K. as long as the victim is not on a general protection-list. Interestingly, these agencies vigorously pursue cases in which absolutely zero evidence of wrong-doing exist.

Consider the cases of Duke University student Adam Chandler (North Carolina), and Joshua Centor (New York). Both of these persons initiated false claims against entities with ties to National Academy of American Scholars.

The United States Postal Service was so vigorous in these cases that it resorted to stealing first-class U.S. mail, openly violating its own federal laws regarding mail tampering and mail theft, refusing to answer routine Freedom of Information Act Requests, wire-tapping phone calls, and engaging in blatant disrepect for the entire U.S. Constitution, and encouraging U.S. mail employees to support a brand of virulent Nazism. In the end, and throughtout the entire process, aboutely no crime was committed. Is it any wonder why the U.S. Postal Service is the most fraudulent, most corrupt agency in the U.S.A., as evidenced by the fact it cannot even generate a profit from having a monopoly over the U.S. mail service. Any way, that's my opinion. What's yours?


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Send e-mail to company:

I agree with the Investigation of SPM Resorts, Inc
I oppose Time-share scams
I oppose illegel debt-collection practices.
I oppose the creation of phony real-estate deeds.
I believe the state of South Carolina should enforce its consumer laws more equitably
I believe the state of North Carolina should enforce its consumer laws more equitably, and that such enforcement should be independent of social status or political connections.

(Time-Shares: an investigation of SPM Resorts, Inc.) Pages: 1xx2 xx3

The consumer insists that the documentation sent by Meridian Financial Services, Inc, a back-dated recorded deed, was done without the explicit notarized consent of the consumer. An examination of the alleged phony deed shows the names of Charlene Lehto, an alleged witness; Susan Clifton, an alleged Notary Public; Sharon David, director of Title Services of Equivest St. Thomas, Inc; Lashunda Davenport, Assistant Secretary, an employee of Fairfield Resorts, Inc; and, Jacqueline Taylor, a Notary Public, employed in the state of Florida.

Out of all the signatures appearing on the document, the most important signature (the purported owner) was missing. How about that ?? Let me repeat. No where on the document prepared by SPM Resorts, Inc. and its client BlueBeards Castle Hilltop Villas III was there an actual signature, consent, and authorization by the purported owner and, in this case, the alleged debtor. Put another, either you or I can create a phony deed in the name of another person, and claim that the persons owes you money. 99.9% of all real estate transactions make provisions that both parties to the transaction must agree.

This Publisher is not an attorney or prosecutor. However, it would appear to be common sense that using the name of another person in a recorded deed suggests evidence of a violation of federal identity-theft statutes. Use of the U.S. mails to collect payments on the premise of fraud is a violation of mail fraud statutes.

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