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Scholarship Site Review of Scholarship Zone
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The Scholarship Zone basically requires students to complete a registration process before the students are eligible to review the basic awards.  Registration information collected includes First Name, Last Name, Email, Address,City, State, Zipcode,
and Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Date of Birth. Students must be 18 years old or older to enter the data asked for. Which means, that students under 18 years-old will be denied registration.
 According to FaceBook statistics, this strict requirement will eliminate over 1 million eligible students looking for aid.  However, if the target audience is 18 and over, then the age restriction is immaterial.

My opinion is that students should not be required to register sensitive information merely to made aware of various scholarship opportunities. However, I cannot begrudge a legitimate business practice. The practice of incorporating the requirement  of registration data is a method used by many scholarship search sites.

As for the quality of scholarships provided,  we would like feedback from actual students.

One potentially  negative factor  of Scholarship Zone is that they prominently state they are accredited by the BBB. Many consumers believe that BBB Accreditation is not worth a roll of used tissue paper. If I had a dollar for every BBB Accredited Business that defrauded me, I would be too wealthy to have time to publish this Forum article. Over-all, ScholarshipZone has really good content, and really good monthly scholarship prizes. 
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Re: Scholarship Site Review of Scholarship Zone
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That sounds really interesting