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Teachers are assaulting students at record numbers. Many of these convicted teachers are either sentenced to No Jail time or very little jail time. Even Teachers merely accused of sexual assault are retaining their positions.

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Oregon ScholarshipsOfficial Oregon Scholarships : OR Scholarships for Oregon residents

Oregon Scholarships: Scholarships for Oregon residents

Oregon Scholarships are available for Oregon residents seeking a college education. As Wall-Street economic indexes continue to reach stellar heights, scholarship applicants from Oregon can expect more lucrative scholarships and grants. Deep-pocket scholarship sponsors from Oregon are reaching out to more minorities, moms, women, and college students. A few of the Oregon scholarships that we sponsor for Oregon residents are as follows: Oregon Platinum Scholarships, Oregon Gold Scholarships, Oregon Silver Scholarships, Oregon Bronze Scholarships, Oregon Sports Scholarships, Oregon Merit Scholarships, Oregon Poet Scholarships, and many other scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for Oregon residents.

We encourage Oregon residents that are seeking Oregon Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid to consider the numerous Oregon Scholarships (OR Scholarships) that we sponsor for Oregon students, Oregon moms, Oregon women, and Oregon single moms.

Oregon is the 9th most extensive and the 27th most populous of the 50 United States. Salem is the state’s capital and third-most-populous city; Portland is the most populous. Portland is the 29th-largest U.S. city, with a population of 593,820 (2011 estimate) and a metro population of 2,262,605 (2011 estimate), the 23rd-largest U.S. metro area. The valley of the Willamette River in western Oregon is the state’s most densely populated area and is home to eight of the ten most populous cities.

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Please review the table below for Oregon scholarship and financial-aid opportunities in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Scholarships for Oregon residents, and Oregon Moms, Mothers, and Oregon Women

Scholarship Registrations

If you are looking for information about Oregon scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for your high-school, then you have come to the right place!

Scholarship Notice to all person seeking scholarships and financial-aid for use in the state of Oregon Please read the notices below.
The state of Oregon has plenty of scholarships for in-state and out-of-state residents.
  1. For scholarship, grant, and financial-aid sources in the state of Oregon, and for scholarships for specific schools in the state of Oregon, please make sure you visit the Official NAAS Scholarship Directory, as well as our Scholarship Watch newsletter page.
  2. Recent scholarships added to our Oregon page include the Oregon Platinum scholarship.

  3. NAAS.ORG is the only website that breaks down scholarships, financial-aid, grants, to the specific high-school level.

  4. NAAS.ORG is the only website that features scholarships, financial-aid,grants, to specific high-schools

We welcome your interest in the Oregon page for scholarships. If you are a high-school student in the state of Oregon and you attend one of the schools below, then we have a scholarship for you.

Table of Oregon high-schools that NAAS.ORG has scholarships and financial-aid for.
If you attend any of the Oregon schools below, and you have a 2.0, G.P.A., then you may be eligible for multiple scholarships that are suited for Oregon residents. We urge you to either find your school or simply complete our registration form.

Oregon Scholarship and financial-aid opportunities for Oregon high-schools.
Junction City High School 
1135 West Sixth St
Junction City  OR 97448

McNary High School 
595 Chemawa Rd North
Keizer 97303-5398

Henley High School 
8245 Hwy 39
Klamath Falls  OR 97603

Hosanna Christian School 
5000 Hosanna Way
Klamath Falls  OR 97603

Klamath Union High School 
1300 MonClaire St
Klamath Falls  OR 97601-2508

Link River High School 
707 Cypress Street
Klamath Falls  OR 97601

Mazama High School 
3009 Summers L North
Klamath Falls  OR 97603-6799

The Triad School 
4849 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls  OR 97603

La Grande High School 
708 "K" Ave
La Grande  OR 97850

La Pine High School 
PO Box 306
La Pine  OR 97739

Lake Oswego High School 
PO Box 310
Lake Oswego  OR 97034

Lakeridge High School 
P O Box 739
Lake Oswego  OR 97034-0339

Our Lady of the Lake School 
716 A Avenue
Lake Oswego  OR 97034

Touchstone School 
2 South West Touchstone
Lake Oswego  OR 97035-1913

Westside Christian High School 
4565 Carman Drive
Lake Oswego  OR 97035-2574

East Linn Christian Academy 
36883 Victory Dr.
Lebanon  OR 97355

Lebanon High School 
1700 South 5th Street
Lebanon  OR 97355

Lebanon Learning Opportunities Center 
380 Market St
Lebanon  OR 97355-2355

Sand Ridge Charter School 
30581 Sodaville-Mountain Rd
Lebanon  OR 97355

Lincoln City Career Tech High School 
801 SW Hwy 101 Ste 404
Lincoln City  OR 97367

Lincoln City Seventh-Day Adventist School 
2126 NE Surf Ave
Lincoln City  OR 97367

Taft High School 
3780 SE Spyglass Ridge
Lincoln City  OR 97367

Lowell High School 
65 S Pioneer St.
Lowell  OR 97452-9721

Madras High School 
390 South East 10th St
Madras  OR 97741

Park Academy 
P O Box 34
Marylhurst  OR 97036
Oregon ScholarshipsTable of Oregon schools eligible for scholarships (Page 8 of 18)
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