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Nevada ScholarshipsLucrative Nevada Scholarships : NV Scholarships for Nevada residents

Nevada Scholarships: Scholarships for Nevada residents

Nevada students seeking Nevada Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid have to 'put up' with the Clark County School District and find Nevada Scholarships on their own. Nevada is a wonderful state, but it is not Hawaii. Like Palm trees, Nevada Scholarships are few. Nevada is largely desert and semiarid, with much of it located within the Great Basin. Areas south of the Great Basin are located within the Mojave Desert, while Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains lie on the western edge. Approximately 86% of the state's land is owned by various jurisdictions of the U.S. federal government, both civilian and military.

The name Nevada is derived from the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, which means 'snow-capped mountain range' in Spanish. The United States gained the territory in 1848 following a controversial, but deserved victory, in the Mexican-American War. No Nevada Scholarships were offered to Indians or locals at the time. Nevada was eventually incorporated as part of Utah Territory in 1850. The discovery of silver at the Comstock Lode in 1859 did not lead to any Nevada Scholarships for Nevada Residents. Uncontrolled sexual activity, and little religion, led to a population boom that was an impetus to the creation of Nevada Territory out of western Utah Territory in 1861. Nevada became the 36th state on October 31, 1864.

Nevada Scholarships are needed to overcome the fact that Nevada is the only state in the U.S. where prostitution and other unmentionable activity is legal. The tourism industry remains Nevada's largest employer, but few dollars are donated for Nevada Scholarships.

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Please review the table below for Nevada scholarship and financial-aid opportunities in the state of Nevada.

Nevada Scholarships for Nevada residents, and Nevada Moms, Mothers, and Nevada Women

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If you are looking for information about Nevada scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for your high-school, then you have come to the right place!

Scholarship Notice to all person seeking scholarships and financial-aid for use in the state of Nevada Please read the notices below.
The state of Nevada has plenty of scholarships for in-state and out-of-state residents.
  1. For scholarship, grant, and financial-aid sources in the state of Nevada, and for scholarships for specific schools in the state of Nevada, please make sure you visit the Official NAAS Scholarship Directory, as well as our Scholarship Watch newsletter page.
  2. Recent scholarships added to our Nevada page include the Nevada Platinum scholarship.

  3. NAAS.ORG is the only website that breaks down scholarships, financial-aid, grants, to the specific high-school level.

  4. NAAS.ORG is the only website that features scholarships, financial-aid,grants, to specific high-schools

We welcome your interest in the Nevada page for scholarships. If you are a high-school student in the state of Nevada and you attend one of the schools below, then we have a scholarship for you.

Table of Nevada high-schools that NAAS.ORG has scholarships and financial-aid for.
If you attend any of the Nevada schools below, and you have a 2.0, G.P.A., then you may be eligible for multiple scholarships that are suited for Nevada residents. We urge you to either find your school or simply complete our registration form.

Nevada Scholarship and financial-aid opportunities for Nevada high-schools.
Advanced Technologies Academy 
2501 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas NV  89106

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy 
1201 W Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas NV  89106

Arbor View High School 
7500 Whispering Sands Dr
Las Vegas NV  89131

Berkeley L. Bunker Elementary School 
6350 Peak Drive
Las Vegas NV  89108

Bishop Gorman High School 
5959 S Hual Way
Las Vegas NV  89148

Bonanza High School 
6665 Del Rey Ave
Las Vegas NV  89146-1008

Burk Academic Preparatory Center 
4560 W. Harmon Ave.
Las Vegas NV  89103

Calvary Chapel Christian School 
7175 W Oquendo Rd
Las Vegas NV  89113

Centennial High School 
10200 Centennial Parkway
Las Vegas NV  89149

Chaparral High School 
3850 Annie Oakley
Las Vegas NV  89121-4599

Cimarron-Memorial High School 
2301 North Tenaya Way
Las Vegas NV  89128

Clark High School 
4291 Pennwood
Las Vegas NV  89102

College of Southern Nevada High School 
6375 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas NV  89146-1139

Cowan Academic Center 
5300 Russell Rd.
Las Vegas NV  89122-8004

Del Sol High School 
3100 E Patrick Lane
Las Vegas NV  89120

Desert Pines High School 
3800 East Harris Ave
Las Vegas NV  89110-2181

Dorothy Eisenberg Elementary School 
7770 Delhi Ave.
Las Vegas NV 89129-6749

Durango High School 
7100 West Dewey Drive
Las Vegas NV  89113

Eldorado High School 
1139 North Linn L North
Las Vegas NV  89110-3939

Faith Lutheran Junior/Senior High School 
2015 Hualapi Way
Las Vegas NV  89117-6949

Global Community High School 
3801 E. Washington Ave.
Las Vegas NV  89110-2197

Harold Brinley Middle School 
2480 Maverick
Las Vegas NV  89108

Innovations International Charter School of Nevada
1600 E Oakley Blvd
Las Vegas NV  89104

John C. Fremont Professional Development Middle School
1100 East St Louis Ave
Las Vegas NV  89104-3250

Las Vegas Academy of
International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts
315 South 7th St.
Las Vegas NV  89101

Las Vegas Day School 
3275 Red Rock St.
Las Vegas NV  89146-6704

Las Vegas High School 
6500 East Sahara Ave
Las Vegas NV  89142

Las Vegas Junior Academy 
6059 W Oakley Blvd
Las Vegas NV  89146

Nevada ScholarshipsTable of Nevada schools eligible for scholarships (Page 4 of 8)
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