2018-19 Scholarships

2016 Mom Scholarships for Women and Single Moms

Sponsored Ads Mom Scholarships for Women and Single Moms. Moms need mom scholarships just as high-school students need their scholarships! If you are a single mom attending college for the first time or returning to school, you should know corporate sponsors are providing scholarships and grants to women and mothers […]

International Grant Club

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses International Grant Club for Foreign Students and Institutions. We have created a new International Grant Club for International Students and Institutions seeking grants, financial-aid options, and scholarships. The Club charges a basic admission fee wish which is used to defray hosting,databses, and computer-related […]

Police Brutality, Call to Action, and California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline

California Police Brutality Hotline Phone African-Americans, Hispanics, Latinas, Latinos, and persons of color are at a disproportionate risk of being victims to police brutality. Yet, this group of persons are doing next to nothing in being pro-active to discourage police brutality. More corporations have set-up scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for […]

California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline