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State Scholarships

State by State Scholarship Listings:
State by State Scholarship Listings

State by State Scholarship Listings. Hello. My name is Kelli. I am a past scholarship recipient of the prestigious Platinum Scholarship. When searching for scholarships by using state by states cholarship listings, be sure to look at scholarships in different states than your own. Let me share with you some facts how I pocketed a $50,000 scholarship. In 2008, my high-school guidance counselor from the Texarkana Independent School District showed me a link to National Academy of American Scholars. The state by state scholarship listings were simple. I just scrolled down to Texas. She said to try this source for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid because they were reputable, and many students from the school district, and other Texas high-schools seemed to do pretty well. I was a little skeptical at first because I read somewhere that state scholarships charged application fees ranging from $5.00 to $25.00. I even read an article from a reporter that claimed scholarship application fees were a sign of a scam. I also remember the N.Y. Times as having a history of corruption itself.

State by State Scholarship Tips

The best tips that i can provide when using a State by State scholarship listing is to explore all of the states for potential scholarship leads. For example, by looking at scholarships in Texas it could lead to scholarship opportunities in Ohio. By looking at scholarships in Oregon, it could lead to scholarships in Maine, and so forth. One of the best sources of scholarships vy state listings is the Scholarship Directory. The Scholarship Directory from NAAS.ORG, for example, boasts numerous scholarships by state.

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Using State by State Scholarship listings to win a $50,000 Scholarship

I did a lot of scholarship research. There is no doubt that when too many adults are involved in scholarship programs designed and constructed for teens, a lot of negative things usually happen. Using a State by State Scholarship listing iS routine for teens, but may make adults a little nervous. Keep intrusive guidance counselors out of your financial-aid decisions. Although the scholarship I applied for and won from National Academy of America Scholars did not require an application fee, many successful scholarship recipients going back to 1989 did pay a fee. Guidance counselors claim that you should avoid paying scholarship application fees, but they hypocritically endorse the same scholarship application fees by NASFAA-related organizations, and 100% of these adult financial-aid counselors pay loan fees for their mortgage. I would have paid a scholarship application fee too just as millions pay for the scam SAT fees run by another NASFAA partner, The College Board.

Using State by State Scholarship listings to Filter-Out Hype from Scholarship Haters

Using State by State Scholarship listings to filter-Out Hype from Scholarship Haters. What many parents and students simply do not know is this: Winning a $50,000 Scholarship or any scholarship of significant value requires you to avoid Scholarship Haters. Scholarship Haters are persons who DO NOT want you to get a scholarship, and who are really interested in their personal or political agenda. For example, the combined membership of National Association for College Admission Counseling (a/k/a/ NACAC) and NASFAA boast what is believed to be the largest collective membership of teachers, financial-aid counselors, financial-aid admissions' counselors, universities, colleges, student-loan providers, student-loan underwriters, and student-loan originaters in the financial-aid industry in the U.S.A. If NASFAA and NACAC censors or steers 90% of distributed scholarship and grant information for the financial benefit of their fee-paying members (hence, the National Scholarship Provider's Association), then students are being left to find the remaining 10&.

Avoid False Scholarship Scam Advice from Scholarship Haters

Scholarship Registrations

Avoid False Scholarship Scam Advice from Scholarship Haters. Companies and organizations that are primarily interested in tuition-fee increases and high-interest loans could be clasified as Scholarship Haters. Both NASFAA and NACAC steer students towards scholarships and financial-aid products that are distributed by their members. Both of these groups represent persons and institutions that have significant influence as to what is marketed to students and parents, and they both have numerous affiliations with for-profit student loan companies that have been involved in student loan scandals. Collectively, they have each been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. This tax exempt-status has not stopped either organization from engaging in controversial conduct and steeting students towards costly and unethicall student loans.

Use State by State Scholarship listings to follow Scholarship Advice Only from Scholarship Sponsor

Use State by State Scholarship listings to follow Scholarship Advice Only from Scholarship Sponsor. Follow Scholarship Advice Only from Scholarship Sponsor. This is one simple rule that prevents over 60% from persons applying for scholarships. Some scholarship applicants would rather listen to scholarship advice from NASFAA-aasociated Financial-Aid Expert, or some phony financial-aid expert created by the media than listen and read the instructions from the scholarship sponsor. It is very important to read and follow the exact instructions of the scholarship sponsor.

State by State Scholarship listings prove Google is not the only Scholarship Search Engine

Google primarily indexes the old content of scholarship search companies related to NASFAA/NACAC. Google typically places a premium on boring scholarship search services like, fastweb, etc. However, you will usually locate gimmick scholarships that have no value to employers. Also, CBS News Reports that these scholarship search services do not provide the volume or quality of scholarships that you may think. Bing indexes the scholarship content of scholarship sponsors very fast and indexes more unique scholarship content. Bing indexes the best scholarship content that adheres to white-hat SEO methods and that are likely to be interested in by scholarship applicants. Google seems to just index content by, and other favored scholarship content. Understand?

The important part, however, is not to weigh the opinion of a scholarship search service over and above that of a scholarship sponsor. National Academy of American Scholars is a scholarship sponsor. I followed their precise scholarship advice and I followed their precise instructions, and I pocketed a $50,000 scholarship.

Nothing Wrong with Scholarship Application Fees

Do not be alarmed if there is an incidental fee. If NASFAA-supported organizations, including the Common Application, can charge a scholarship application fee then any scholarship sponsor can. The National Merit Scholarship also charges a scholarship application fee, as well as many other scholarship sponsors. Adult pay loan orgination fees (psy money to get money). What I have learned at my young age is not to believe the opinions of adults who are only concerned with where their profit sources are.

Women Wrongly Labeled by Phony Scholarship Financial-Aid Experts as too Dumb.

Women in particular are being labeled by phony financial-aid experts as too dumb to make our own financial-aid decisions. If I choose to shop at Victoria Secret's then that is my decision. If I choose to pay for a worthless SAT test then that is also my decision. If I choose to pay $25.00 for a scholarship application because that will weed out 90% of the spam scholarship applicants then I have right to do so. It is amazing how the male-dominated media labels so many perverted men, especially Carnegie Mellon University graduates, as Financial-Aid Experts when in reality most are dishonest or self-serving. There is a saying that I truly believe: A scholarship scam is only a scholarship scam if it does not benefit the person most vocal about scholarship scams. We all know the single person that the U.S. media constantly labels as a Financial-Aid Expert, and his claims of what is a scholarship scam. What this pervert does not discuss is his relationship with the Common Application, the College Board, the National Scholarship Providers's Association, and the many other fee-charging partners of NASFAA who have ripped off millions of students with either inferior products, or bad student loans, or middle-man services. I applied for an NAAS scholarship and pocketed a flat $50,000!! If I had believed the naysayers, or pervert financial-aid experts, my pocket would be $50,000 less! Try to find this article on Google: Google does not index original scholarship content, only Bing does.

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