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Under Scholarship Reviews, we discuss actual reviews of current scholarships, grants, and financial-aid programs, as well as any federal legislation that may affect scholarships, grants, and loans.

Are Mom Scholarships A Scam? Read the facts, and You be the judge.

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses Calling Scholarships4Moms.Net A female member of National Academy of American Scholars called the sponsor of these so-called $10,000 Mom scholarships to inquire about the legitimacy of the so-called Mom scholarships offered. Cyndi inquired how to enter the Mom Scholarship contest, what are the […]

Mom Scholarshps


Phony Financial-Aid Experts Used by the U.S. Media

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses N.Y. Times, U.S.A. Today, and many U.S. Media publications have suspect credibility For example, consider this fact: On the night of April 19, 1989, several attacks, assaults and robberies occurred in New York City’s Central Park, involving about 30 teenage perpetrators. The crime […]

Walmart Protesters: None Have Applied for Scholarships, and Grants, or Financial-Aid

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses Many of the protesters assembled together and in separate cities to attack Walmart’s apparent policy of economically moderate wages. In the state of Illinois alone, the main-stream media reported that as many as 11 separate protests against WalMart were occurring, and were demanding […]

Walmart Protesters Demand Higher Wage