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Although Barack Obama is the first African-American to be President of the United States. One powerful Lessons Learned in Life for African-American students is that his election has not cured the sickness of racism that exists in so many persons. To deny racism exists or ignore this fact, would be a lesson in life that was also ignored. We will publish and comment upon valuable lessons learned in life for African-Americans. African-Americans ahould not attempt to ignore the fact of racism, but also should not let racism be the fence that limits your success. One valuable lessons learned in life that our founder discovered is that racism is not a race issue, it is a people issue.

People create problems of race, and is not limited to persons of a particular race. Today, we sponsor merit-based scholarship programs for African-Americans, and we encourage Black Americans to LIKE our Scholarship Programs Facebook page, follow our Scholarship Programs twitter page, one-plus our Google Scholarship Programs scholarship page, and follow our Scholarship Forum, review our Scholarship Programs blogger page, and re-pin our scholarship program photos posted on our Pinterest Scholarship Program page.



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