Lessons Learned in Life: 10 Lessons learned from the non-punishment of Laura WhiteHurst for Rape

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses

In fact, San Bernardino can continue to expect a great deal of teacher abuse cases, and child molestation cases from persons like Ms. Laura WhiteHurst,Kevin James Morton, and so forth. The open-secret is that San Bernardino County prosecutors simply cannot, will not, and are frankly not tough enough to send a flock of blonde hair to a lengthy prison sentence or non-minority licensed professionals. Meanwhile, parents of poor California children will have to put up with constant cases of child rape, child molestation, bullying, etc. Given these facts, what are the Lessons Learned in Life that normal humans can learn from non-normal humans?

As a teacher, Jennifer Krogman had an opportunity to teach and instruct her students about valuable lessons learned in life. Jennifer Krogman had an opportunity to promote, endorse, and recommend California scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options to middle-school students at her Clement Middle School in Redlands, California. Laura Whitehurst also had the same opportunities as Ms. Krogman. Instead, according to police reports, both of these privileged women decided to pursue their own individual perverted fantasies, and cast aside the important California scholarships, grants, and financial-aid promoted by National Academy of American Scholars.

Lessons Learned in Life: A weak prosecution produces and invites more criminal conduct

Robotic prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez probably views her job as a typical 9 to 5 office gig. In reality, Melissa Rodriguez has the sort of important job that can either reduce or encourage crime. It is apparent that the San Bernandino prosecutor does not have an appetite for criminals that fit the mode of Laura Whitehurst. Based upon the weak prosecution record of the San Bernadino County Prosecutor’s office towards licensed professionals turned criminals that live in picket-fence neighborhoods, it is clear that crime is tolerated and even implicitly encouraged.

Melissa Rodriguez is detached from the reality of how criminals think and act. The history of the San Bernadino County prosecution team is a public record of weak prosecution,failure, escalating crime by teachers and licensed professionals, and Mickey-Mouse sentences that are a complete joke. Feeling sympathy for Laura Whitehurst or accepting a plea bargain is simply further gasoline on the fire.

Instead of prosecuting Laura Whitehurst and treating her like any other rapist and child predator, the prosecution team led by San Bernardino County prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez refused to prosecute Laura Whitehurst as if she were an adult minority male; these are the persons that statistically have the longest sentences, and receive more than a slap on the wrist. Indeed, the refusal to prosecute the petty crimes of McVeigh is what drove Timothy McVeigh to committ the Oklahoma city bombings. Like Laura Whitehurst, Timothy McVeigh ignored the numerous Oklahoma Scholarships, Grants, and financial-aid that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Although persons on the privileged side of the fence may like this approach when they are the accused, the equation rarely works out with such simplicity and consistency: Do you want want your child raped and assaulted by a Hispanic male, a black man, a black woman, or neither? If your answer is neither then you should be protesting the lenient or non-existent punishment of Laura Whitehurst.

If you refuse to protest this non-punishment, then don’t complain when your child is assaulted, or there is a school shooting by Adam Lanza, etc. If you do not protest, then do not complain either when Casey Anthony is aquitted. Simply accept that that your child is an object of attention of perverts that may be a family friend, teacher, or associate.

Preferential Sentencing of Laura Whitehurst