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Crime-Friendly Judges Use Creative Sentencing Techniques

Local and national media report that Judge Michael Holbrook sentenced a woman to spend the next five Christmases in jail as part of her sentence for issuing state ID cards and driver’s licenses to immigrants who entered the country illegally. Betina Young is a former Gahanna License Agency clerk who was sentenced to five years of community control and a $3,000 fine by Ohio’s Crime-Friendly Judge Michael Holbrook for her role in providing fraudulent drivers’ licenses to undocumented foreign nationals. Despite her outrageous, self-serving, and dangerous criminal conduct, Michael Holbrook termed her sentence a ‘Holbrook Holiday’.

Prosecutors say 44-year-old Betina Young — a former license agency employee — accepted payments from applicants to falsify records showing they had verified their immigration status. She has pleaded guilty. It is unclear at this time the true scope of her blatant and mean-spirited criminal conduct. Given the fact the defendant was not a minority male, Prosecutors have not objected to the bizarre sentence, and nor have they filed complaints with the Ohio Judiciary

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