July Scholarship Newsletter, Week2

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Thank you for opting-in to our newsletter. This is our 2nd newsletter for the month of July 2013. During the summer months, our newsletter will bi-monthly. Many schools across the U.S.A. are out. The Summer officially began on May 31st. Between the summer months of June and August, students and scholarship applicants have an advantage in searching for scholarships, and grants. Many students are simply taking the entire Summer off, and not even looking for Scholarships or Grants.

What We did in July 2013

For serious students, moms, women, and single parents looking for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, July is the time period to really look and apply for eligible scholarships. In July, we have great news that has transpired since our past newsletter. We posted our first Scholarship LeaderBoard Scholarship Points table. This LeaderBoard details the rankings and point allocation for Scholarship Club members, Also, We have made substantial progress in updating our Scholarship Club Member area for online applications. All the pages are in place. Now, the centerpiece online applications are being tested. Also, we are editing our Scholarship Mobile App. Details will be provided later. Also, we have created several new pages of new scholarship content.

How to Follow Us or Share and Earn Points

If you have not yet followed us on Google-Plus, please do so. If you have not yet Liked our Facebook page then do so. We track your points by your shares, likes, and follows based upon your email address or name. Google-plus allows us to post more detailed information than Twitter. We have created many new scholarship posts on our Scholarship Blog, and we encourage everyone to also monitor our Scholarship Blog for important annoucements affecting the NAAS.ORG website, as well as new scholarships, and grants that we sponsor and provide.



Scholarship Bob

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An NAAS Administrator for 3 years. I joined National Academy of American Scholars straight from College. I am not a paid employee. I am a volunteer.