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Association of Secrets to Winning a Scholarship author with U.S. Government/Past Record as a Government Informant

Many of the enterprises, including his book publishing projects, set up by Mark Kantrowitz has had something to do with the U.S. “government”. In fact, the U.S. government has had Mark Kantrowitz on a welfare-like (do-as-you-please-and-make-as-much-money- as-you-please) trolley-car since the early 1990s. In the early 1990s’, Mark Kantrowitz was instrumental in setting up the website of National Association of Student Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA), which had a series of government contracts with the U.S. Department of Education, although there was no public indication that Mark Kantrowitz had ever solicited his services as a “Web designer”, and there was no published record of Mark Kantrowitz as having any prior web design clients posted on his website.

Operating out of a one-room apartment on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University with zero (0) years of experience as a scholarship administrator, or scholarship mangaer, or non-profit executive, the FTC (another government agency) chose and annointed Mark Kantrowitz as a “Financial-Aid Expert.” The public record indicates that his FinAid page website had only been operational for less than 18 months, and a posted copy of his resume indicated virtually all of his education was related to Math and Computer Intelligence.

When you are a government mole, the U.S. Government and its main-stream media partners can make you anything you desire, even a book publisher, or a “Financial Aid-Expert”, or anything else.

Facts and Opinions for Secrets to Winning a Scholarship
Suspicious Reviews by Main-stream media about Secrets to Winning a Scholarship,

Given the detailed history of Mark Kantrowitz as an informant for the F.B.I. in the 1990s., and a willing partner of the FTC to prosecute selective African-American businesses, and African businesses, and women-owned business that were perceived as “threats” to his Fastweb and FinAid page “scholarship-search businesses”, or that did not conform to his “criteria” of what a scholarship sponsor should be, reviews by main-stream of his Secrets to Winning a Scholarship should be viewed with a clear prism.

These are a few of the main-stream media representatives that claim to have reviewed the Secrets to Winning a Scholarship book.

Opinion: “Mark Kantrowitz, the foremost expert on student financial aid and Publisher of and, has just released Secrets to Winning a Scholarship, a book that is certain to be a worthwhile investment”. –Farnoosh Torabi,

Fact: The review by Credit.Com is not entirely an arms-length review because this company is an affiliate to FastWeb and provide the credit-card links to fastweb. Also, if you apply to be an affiliate with Credit.Com and you have critical reviews of fastweb or Mark Kantrowitz then it is unlikely your affiliate application will be approved.

Opinion: “Winning private college scholarships can certainly help make college more affordable. A handy resource to turn to is a book, Secrets to Winning a Scholarship, by Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of Fastweb”. –Lynn O’Shaughnessy, US News & World Report.

Fact: US News & World Report represents a member of the main-stream media, and therefore a partner to the same government that enlisted Kantrowitz as an informant.

Opinion: “Secrets to Winning a Scholarship pulls together valuable strategies developed by Mr. Kantrowitz, a nationally recognized expert in financial aid.” –Eleanor Chute, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Fact: Having nurtured his FinAid page business from Pittsburgh, PA, and having personal contacts with the newspaper staff, it is highly doubtful that this paper can produce an honest and fair review.

Consumer Reviews of Secrets to Winning a Scholarship

A commentator from Amazon.Com remarked that “This book (Secrets to Winning a Scholarship) was not impressive to say the least. I was hoping for insights that were not already known and written about in many other publications on scholarships. This was not the case.There is nothing secret to learn in this book. I felt like it was a Fastweb promo and nothing more. Good introduction read for a high school students

This consumer review certainly was not written by a government agent, or F.B.I . agent. The fact is that regardless of who many distrustful and deceitful main-stream media reviews are written, such reviews cannot turn a lousy book into a great book. As a consumer, I read several pages of the Secrets to Winning a Scholarship, and I had literally threw the book in the trash can before realizing that I had only borrowed the book from the store shelf.



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