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I am a student searching for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. My high-school guidance department recommended that I try Scholarship.Com (a/k/a/ Scholarships.Com).
Scholarship.Com is a scholarship search service that many guidance departments and high-schools recommend to students. They claim to have helped millions of students like me since 1999. Well, I haven’t met a single student that has been helped by Scholarship.Com. I used their scholarship database, followed all of their instructions, talked to a lot of my friends, and even my parents. No luck. Scholarship.Com claims to have a database of 1 million or more scholarships.

In order to carefully review Scholarship.Com , I contacted the NAAS Scholarship Blog and told them my experiences with Scholarship.Com.

The login process with Scholarship.Com is too annoying. Scholarship.Com requests too much personal information. I am not sure how my personal information is stored in the Scholarships.Com database. The profile I have set up allows for too many scholarships. Too much spam email from scholarship.com.

Please refer to the link for a professional analysis of Scholarship.Com results. I will add more comments about my experience about Scholarship.Com later.

Degradation of National Scholarships
Degradation of National Scholarships



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