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According to statistics and commentary from the Tavis Smiley Reports, there are numerous adverse and daunting statistics that American-Americans/Black Americans must overcome to pursue a collegiate education, not the least of which is obtaining scholarships for African-Americans. Tavis Smiley documents that &#34Young Black men — across the board — score below their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups when it comes to graduation rates, literacy rates and college preparedness.&#34 And many African American men, in turn, are virtually locked out of employment and are filling up the nation’s prisons in disproportionate numbers.

According to a compelling report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation that emphasizes the connection between early childhood literacy and dropout rates, there are startling figures in regards to the need to look at the achievement gaps between Black and white public school students from the Department of Education, which should generate interest in further expanding funds towards African-American Scholarships.

African-American scholarships are important for a number of reasons. African-American Scholarships are sponsored and funded to addresss unique issues and circumstances that in principle and actual theory largely affect African-Americans. Sponsor that promote and fund African-American Scholarships do so because of their belief that African-American Scholarships will not only help African-American students, but represent a benevolent act of helping humanity. African-American Scholarships help to address a growing lack of funding and scholarship opportunities for African-American students.

For a detailed review of our multiple scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options for African-American students and African-American moms, mothers, and single mothers that are seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please visit our website at:
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