Scholarship Points: Scholarships using Reward Points and Drawings

Approved Scholarships and Grants, and Educational Courses

Scholarship Points: Scholarships using Reward Points and Drawings

Scholarship Points table may be updated monthly or weekly. Explore our most recent table of scholarship points (Scholarship Points) that we use to generate merit-based scholarships, grants, and financial-aid in the selection process. What are the best ways to generate reliable Scholarship Points? Use the table below as a guide. Scholarship Points may be generated by many methods. Social Media channels like Facebook. Pinterest. Youtube, Twitter, and Google-Plus are common methods students use to generate Scholarship Points. Whatever way you are most comfortable, we recommend that method. Please preview our table below for other possible methods to generate Scholarship Points.

A Table of Sample Scholarship Points

Scholarship Points may be awarded or generated for a variety of reasons, ranging from pure meritorious conduct to social media activty, such as LIKING our Facebook page, or inviting Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid into your Goolge-Plus circle.

Scholarship Points for Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid
Scholarship Points Action Required Expiration date
of Scholarship Points
25 Scholarship Points (1) Facebook Like Never
25 Scholarship Points (1) Google Plus Follow Never
25 Scholarship Points (1) Pinterest Follow Never
25 Scholarship Points (1) Twitter Follow Never
30 Scholarship Points Each Twitter Re-Tweet (RT) 30 days
25 Scholarship Points Each Facebook Re-post/Shared link
of NAAS.ORG on applicant timeline
30 days
15 Scholarship Points Each Google-Plus Circle Invite 30 days
25 Scholarship Points (1) Scholarship Registration Never
250 Scholarship Points (1) Online Scholarship Application 30 days
45 Scholarship Points per student Shared URL Link from school/company website to NAAS.ORG Never
25 Scholarship Points BeFriend our Facebook Scholarship Badge Never
30 Scholarship Points Refer an eligible student to Like our Facebook page 30 days
30 Scholarship Points YouTube Subscription to our channel Never
15 Scholarship Points YouTube video or .MPG4 file of scholar praising NAAS Scholarships Never
Merit Scholarship Points for Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-aid

Please click this link for our current Scholarship Points table of Scholarship Points for scholarships, grant, and financial-aid.

Scholarship Points scholarships are lotteries, not scholarships. However, the financial-aid is still useful. For an explaination of Scholarship Points, please review this article.



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