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Scholarship Points: Applies for U.S. Trademark

On August 15th, 2012, ScholarshipsPoints.Com embarked upon the risky business of seeking a U.S. Trademark/Service mark registration for the phrase “ScholarshipPoints.” However, the U.S. Trademark application submitted by ScholarshipPoints.Com (SeriaL Number 85704330) comes AFTER several years of use of the term “ScholarshipPoints”, and after the company has accumulated over 200,000 FaceBook Likes, and over 52,000 Twitter followers while **sharing use of the phrase Scholarship Points.

More importantly, there is little likelihood that any value will come from the newly submitted trademark application of ScholarshipPoints because there is little chance of its approval. The phrase ScholarshipPoints does not meet the legal standards of registration based upon sound legal grounds, and based upon the fact that the phrase scholarship points is also used by National Academy of American Scholars and **many other organizations to engage students and to distribute scholarship merit points for award consideration.

The ill-advised trademark application submitted by ScholarshipPoints.Com is not surprising considering the lack of qualifications and minimal credentials needed for a student to obain a monthly “scholarship” from ScholarshipPoints.

Scholarship Points Introduces Lottery-Style Scholarships

As demonstrated by its own published selecton criteria, ScholarshipPoints.Com eschews the traditional letters of recommendation, eloquent essays, demonstrated extra curricular activities, and written letters of nomination from guidance counselors, employers, and from others. Instead, Scholarship Points.Com uses a points system to encourage scholarship applicants to accumlate points via random activities that have very little to do with academics, class-ranking, talent, merit, or even intelligence.

In a nutshell, ScholarshipPoints.Com has created a denigrated derivative of the pure, merit-based scholarship model invented and created by the founder of National Academy of American Scholars. The ScholarshipPoints.Com model is great for students and parents whom do not want to compete on the basis of academics, merit, or traditional scholarship traits.

The scholarship model used by ScholarshipPoints.Com is more closely related to a lottery-style system rather than a traditional scholarship merit model.Scholarship Points.Com has incorporated a simple scholarship points system (hence the name ScholarshipPoints.Com) that encourages applicants to interact with one another, tag one another via Facebook, etc., and award students various scholarship points based
upon purely upon the participation of non-meritorious activities.

We applaud Scholarship Points.Com for its innovative efforts, and we encourage students and parents to select scholarship programs that they feel are suitable. Please LIKE our FaceBook page, and please Follow us on Twitter. For scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options that will impress colleges, employers, and community leaders, we recommend that students first consider scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options that are actually sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Nonetheless, we also invite students to also explore the options available at by exploring their information.



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