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5 thoughts on “Scholarship/Grants/Financial-Aid Censor 9NEWS (KUSA)

  • NAAS Fellow
    NAAS Fellow Post author

    Did 9NEWS (KUSA)censor the violent, explosive, and shooting scene advertisements that promoted the infamous Batman movie.

    TV ads airing on 9NEWS KUSA and NBC affiliates that showed the “The Dark Knight Rises” feature numerous violent scenes from the movie, including Batman aiming an enormous gun almost directly at the camera.

    It is ironic that 9NEWS KUSA would censor resourceful advertisments featuring scholarships, grants, and financial-aid to area Colorado students but accept ads that cause, and instigate mass murders of the same students.

    The reporters and executives of 9NEWS KUSA are hypocrites. Due to their lack of basic human intelligence, 9NEWS KUSA executives and reporters do not understand that CENSORSHIP in any form does not work!!

  • NAAS Fellow
    NAAS Fellow Post author

    9NEWS (KUSA) helped to create the bad Karma for the Colorado massacre by censoring and depriving the same student victims from receiving valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid information.

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