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History, Founding, and Creation of FastWeb Scholarship Search Service.

FinAid Page, Inc. and Fastweb were created at virtually the same time., L.L.C.,is a company organized in Delaware and has a Federal Employer Identification Number of 51-0377304. It was organized and formed in or about September 13, 1996, but when formed had a principal place of business in the state of Illinois, Lake County. Mr. Robert Michelson was listed as the original Registered Agent, and he claimed to share the same office as, L.L.C. A Mr. Leon Heller was listed as the President of Trustar Investments, Inc., general partner of Trustar Investments, L.P., manager of Trustar, L.L.C., manager of, L.L.C., according to documents filed with Ilinois in 1996.

Relatioship of FinAid.Org and FastWeb Scholarship Search Service

Likewise, FinAid Page, Inc., was formed on July 2, 1996, barely 60 days prior to the formation of, L.L.C. It is a huge coincidence that two different companies formed in two different states at nearly the same time eventually become so entertwined together.

Over a span of 15 years, FastWeb has alternately claimed ownership by Student Services, Inc., Fast Web Inc., and FastWeb LLC.

In or about 1996, Student Services, Inc., placed an ad seeking advertisers for the FastWeb website on a site that matched content publishers with potential advertisers.

Before the formality of ad-serving networks, there was a company called Jupiter
Communications. Jupiter Communications matched the bidding of publishers with potential advertisers. Under Student Services, Inc., FastWEB placed advertising inquiries claiming that it was the "the industry leader in the scholarship search service business."

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