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College Prowler Claims

Claim: “Collegeprowler.com is the most comprehensive college resource with over 400,000 student reviews and coverage on 7,000+ schools. Students can read in-depth school reviews, ask questions, get school recommendations, explore majors, and get matched to more than 3.2 million scholarships – all for free.”
Fact: CollegeProwler CENSORS, and DELETES popular scholarship listings from its database and has a pervasive record of deleting third-party successful stories of scholarship recipients from its FaceBook Wall.

College Prowler ReviewsA detailed review of College Prowler.Com, and their scholarships. Legit or Scam?

Some students believe that College Prowler is deceptive and that College Prowler deliberately conceals resourceful information from students. This claim against College Prowler was investigated by this Publisher. The results against College Prowler are shocking. We observed persons posting scholarship success stories on the FaceBook wall of College Prowler; we took screen prints before and after the posts; we enlisted successful scholarship recipients from third-party sponsors to repeatedly test CollegeProwler, and to remain observant of all posting policies that prohibit spam, etc.

College Prowler Censorship

On virtually every occassion, CollegeProwler deleted EVERY post of a scholarship recipient that sought to share valuable and resourceful financial-aid information and success tips with student users of the CollegeProwler FaceBook page. Regardless as to whether the post came from a student or business, CollegeProwler would routinely delete the post as if afraid of the fact that not all students use the College Prowler search service.

We invite students seeking information about College Prowler, to also review the multiple scholarships, grants, and financial-aid options for students, moms, mothers, and single mothers that are sponsored by NAAS.ORG.
A review of College Prowler.Com



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