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Students can earn extra income by completing online surveys for companies. before you say, 'oh sure', we need to be straight with the facts. Taking surveys is not a get-rich or high-income booster. It takes time, and companies are selective. However, there are many legitimate survey opportunities.
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College GrantsBest Financial-Aid Surveys: Earn Cash easy. Surveys that pay Big!

Survey Financial-Aid Contests
Survey Financial-Aid Contests

Survey Contests Can Help Reduce Burden of Financial-Aid Costs. When scholarships are not enough, Moms and students may be able to earn cash prizes, gifts, and money for just sharing their basic opinions. We value your opinion so much that we allow students, moms, and working adults the opportunity to turn those opinions into cash, prizes, and rewards.

Not only do we sponsor over $1 million of private scholarships, grants, student loans, and financial-aid, we also sponsor and support the opportunity for students, adults, and stay-at-home moms to participate in our national financial-aid survey contests. We work with Fortune 500 companies and administrators to gauge public opinion on issues important to students, moms, women, and educators. We are aware of the hot-button issues of the classroom today, and what is being discussed on social media channels. The problem is that Corporate America doesn't pay attention to idle chatter. Corporate America listens to and acts based upon coordinated and official surveys. An official survey is accomplished by registering for free! Never pay money to complete a survey!!

What's more is that Corporate America really values your input, and so do we. Online surveys that we sponsor are about products and services yet to hit the store shelves. In exchange for your survey feedback, you can earn rewards such as product giveaways, cash prizes, and gift cards from major retailers.

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College GrantsYour opinion counts. Join a Panel or Take a Survey.

Everyone has an opinion, and many express their opinion on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even in newspapers. However, your time is valuable. You are not getting paid even 1 penny when you express your mini editorial on Facebook or Twitter. Sure, you have hot-button issues that you want to express your opinion about. Same-sex marraiges. Abortion. Gun control. Government Spying. President Obama. Hillary Clinton. Ok. Great. Do you want to rave and rant on Facebook for FREE, AND put extra money into the pocketbook of Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg OR do you at least WANT the opportunity to put some extra cash in your pocket AND maybe even win as much as $5,000?

Mark Zuckerberg surely loves your free Facebook participation, but he is very descriminate when it comes to sharing his wealth. Facebook is not putting cold, solid, and real cash in your pocket. In fact, come to think about it, I have never received a single penny from Mr. Zuckerberg. Oh well, maybe you and I share the same experience.

Survey Financial-Aid Contests

College GrantsU.S. Residents over 18 years of Age, and Moms Can Earn Cash from Simple Surveys

While doing your homework, or while watching TV, you can take Surveys and be earning money at the same time. Take a break from Zuckerberg's toy for a while, and spend just 2 minutes for a chance to fatten your personal wallet instead. We value your opinion and we are willing to present an opportunity on this website that combines not only scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, and membership into our Scholarship Club, but a seperate Survey Financial-Aid contest that requires no fees, and no purchases. If you are not enough, get mom or dad or any person over 18 years of age.

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