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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidIllinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) sponsors resolution to honor controversial organization

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Are you tired of Chicago crime? Tired of Illinois corruption? Tired of Chicago's huge taxes? Tired of non-profit organizations that cozy up to specific legislators simply to receive more pork and special attention?

Illinois Congresswoman sponsors resolution to honor an organization linked to National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (a/k/a/ NASFAA). An alphabet-related group called National Association for College Admission Counseling (a/k/a/ NACAC) boast what is believed to be the largest collective membership of teachers, financial-aid counselors, financial-aid admissions' counselors, universities, colleges, student-loan providers, student-loan underwriters, and student-loan originaters in the financial-aid industry.

In a nutshell, both of these groups represent persons and institutions that have significant influence as to what is marketed to students and parents, and they both have numerous affiliations with for-profit corporations. Collectively, they have each been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. This tax exempt-status has not stopped either organization from engaging in controversial conduct.

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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidCriminal Element of organization sponsored by congresswoman

Scholarship Registrations

Several NASFAA/NACAC members and/or business associates have been the subject of law enforcement and ethical probes for financial-aid fraud, abuse allegations, cheating, perversity, immorality, etc. Furthermore, it should be noted that is is quite common for NACAC members to quote verbatim the Socialist rhetoric of the same corrupt federal informant that NASFAA aligned itself with in 1996.

Core principals of democracy and capitalism are commonly attacked in NACAC e-list serves. Reading an NACAC e-list serve is not entirely dissimilar from reading a manisfesto on Communism. Many NACAC members avoid discussion of the rampant incidents of teachers abusing students, teachers involved in fraud, student-loan fraud, and other issues that are not relevant to the purposes of their respective members and business associates.

Instead of focusing on specific issues that will bring immediate help and assistance to the thousands of pupils under the tutelage of their respective members, the number one and most repeated rallying cry of too many NACAC/NASFAA members has been the illegal, Marxist, anti-Capitalistis rhetoric of the same federal informant previously sponsored by NASFAA. In attacking merit-based scholarship sponsors that required any sort of handling, or administrative fee, this crooked informant (who, in September of 1996, was invited to a news conference hosted by FTC, United States Postal Inpsection, U.S. Dept, of Justice, and who was later invited to speak before the U.S. Senate on a pending bill related to alleged scholarship-fraud), repeatedly exhorted to his loyal flock of NASFAA/NACAC members, and their financial-aid counselors: "Do not pay money, to get money"

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