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Please review our extensive review of the ScholarshipExperts.Com Scholarship Search service. ScholarshipExperts.Com is one of many scholarship search services used by moms,dads, and high-school students. Before using Scholarship Experts, please review this report.
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ScholarshipExperts.Com Reviews

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Scholarships Reviews ScholarshipExperts.Com: What Students and Educators need to know

A review of ScholarshipExperts.Com

ScholarshipExperts.Com: A professional review of Scholarship Search Service. In a nutshell, ScholarshipExperts.Com is a Scholarship matching service. ScholarshipExperts.Com claims that " since 1999, we have helped millions of students, parents and counselors search 2.7 million local, state & national college scholarships & grants worth over 19 billion dollars...". ScholarshipExperts.Com claims that " has been helping parents and students find scholarships and free college money since 2001." Scholarship Experts claims to have a database of at least 2.4 million scholarships as of the time this article was first published.

In order to carefully review ScholarshipExperts.Com, we must review ScholarshipExperts.Com with the same set of criteria we use for other scholarship search databases. ScholarshipExperts.Com makes numerous boastful claims that merit an independent review.

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Scholarships ReviewsWhat this ScholarshipExperts.Com Scholarship Review Includes

We review their scholarship history, their scholarship creativity, their scholarship published claims vs. documented facts by government or independent agencies, and we review such factors as their Scholarship Yield, Scholarship Quotient, FaceBook habits, their FaceBook likeability, their receptivity to competitive scholarship listing sources, the quality of their scholarship listings, their scholarship advertising claims, their duplicate scholarship listings, their excluded scholarship listings, their association with other scholarship listing services, and the success rate of their scholarship recipients.

Scholarships ReviewsWhat students need to know about ScholarshipExperts.Com and Scholarship Search Services

Students need to know that all scholarship search services are not the same, but many rely upon the same database. Scholarship Search services, including Scholarship Experts, do differ from one another in several respects. Some scholarship search services have varying criteria inorder for a particular scholarship, grants, or financial-aid to be included. The "criteria" that is used is arbitrary, capricious, selective, and certainly not uniform. Beware of Scholarship Search companies that create their own so-called "criteria" to justify having a censored scholarship database.

Scholarship Registrations

We all agree that finding and applying for scholarships to pay for college is important. There are several scholarship search engines to help you do that. Scholarship Experts claims be one of those scholarship search databases. Each year, Scholarship Experts claims to fund several unique scholarship programs for high school students, college students, grad students and non-traditional adult learners. To apply, a student must first register to win an award. There is nothing unusual about a scholarship search requiring stuents to first register. Students seeking scholarships were recruited to contact ScholarshipExperts.Com via their social media channels. Scholarship Experts reportedly either rebuffed their efforts, or incorporated Facebook blocks. Any scholarship search service that blocks, censors, or obstructs the objective of students seeking financial-aid is probably a scholarship search service that you do not want to rely upon.

ScholarshipExperts.Com Review

ScholarshipExperts.Com does not publish any Scholarship Yield, or Scholarship Quotient, and neither does it publish any relevant statistical data in regards to its scholarship database other than their generic advertising claims.

As part of the review of ScholarshipExperts.Com, we also review Section 5 of the FTC Act which prohibits the making of false, misleading, deceptive, and/or unsubstantited claims that are unqualified and unconditional.

Scholarship Registrations

Why believe this Review of ScholarshipExperts.Com

The review of Scholarship Experts is done without compensation or benefits. It is an independent review of facts, opinions, and data gathered over the course of several years. We encourage students, parents, and educators to add to this review. Is Scholarship Experts is helping students find scholarships and financial-aid? That is what this consumer review discusses. We appreciate the efforts of all scholarship listing services, and scholarship databases, including ScholarshipExperts.Com. We sincerely wish nothing but the success of any student using ScholarshipExperts.Com.

Scholarships ReviewsA in depth review, analysis, and media commentary about the ScholarshipExperts.Com scholarship search service

To prepare this report, and to ensure that consumers and media analysts understand the nature and scope of this ScholarshipExperts.Com Review, it is important that readers understand not only the principle product and services of ScholarshipExperts.Com, but that consumers also understand the historical facts surrounding the creation, marketing, partnership, and scholarship listing culture associated with the ScholarshipExperts.Com scholarship search services, and why ScholarshipExperts.Com sticks out amongst scholarship search service companies.

In order to complete a review of ScholarshipExperts.Com, it is necessary for us to be as detailed as possible. This review is by no means a biography of ScholarshipExperts.Com, or final analysis of ScholarshipExperts.Com. This review of ScholarshipExperts.Com will hopefully help the consumer determine if ScholarshipExperts.Com is an appropriate scholarship search service to use or is worth the time to complate a registration form. We will use published facts, opinions, and the data supplied by ScholarshipExperts.Com to form this review. Let's get started in this review of ScholarshipExperts.Com.

Scholarships ReviewsPurpose of the ScholarshipExperts.Com review.

The purpose of the scholarship review of ScholarshipExperts.Com is to assist scholarship seekers and educators evaluate the merits and services of ScholarshipExperts.Com. This report additionally concerns the quality, credibility, integrity, and legitimacy of the ScholarshipExperts.Com scholarship search service amongst its peers in the scholarship search service industry. We conduct a detailed review of all major scholarship search service companies, and post our reviews without charge on this website. First, lets review and clarify a new term invented by National Academy of Scholars.

We will use the term Scholarship Yield. Scholarship Yield is a term invented by National Academy of American Scholars. A Scholarship Yield is a mathematical calculation using Calculus that helps to determine and measure the robustness of a scholarship database. In simple terms, Scholarship Yield helps to determine if a scholarship database is all fluff and no meat, and whether its data is fresh relative to the population-age it is serving. For the mathematical equation of the Scholarship Yield, please contact an NAAS Specialist.

History, Founding, and Business model of ScholarshipExperts.Com Search Service.

By its public announcements, ScholarshipExperts.Com was created at around the year 2000. This was the time period when a flurry of scholarship search services was created to handle the increasing load of students searching for scholarships online.

ScholarshipExperts.Com has a business model similar to many scholarship search listing companies. Many scholarship search services have a business model that acts as a lead generator for institutions associated with NASFAA (National Associaton of Student Financial-Aid Administrators). NASFAA is the same organization responsible for the sponsorship of FastWeb/FinAid.

Students are requested to complete detailed forms, and the information supplied by students is thereafter sold or bartered to participating institutions. The scholarship database offered by ScholarshipExperts.Com IS NOT an open source database. Students or applicants must be willing to exchange their personal information, login into a secure area, and each student may be contacted by telemarketers, and inappropriate colleges or universities after registration.

Summary of the ScholarshipExperts.Com Scholarship Site Review

In summary, ScholarshipExperts.Com Scholarship Site is a decent scholarship search service. The very name Scholarship Experts appears to be muisleading in a sense because the so-called experts do not seem to be identified.

ScholarshipExperts.Com is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, and publishes such claims. This is also a red flag. Membership into the BBB is often a red flag for poor service, and use of the BBB name to disguise inadequate service.

The Scholarship Yield of ScholarshipExperts.Com is modest. Scholarship Experts does attempt to distinguish itself from many other scholarship search services.

That's my opinion, and scholarship review of ScholarshipExperts.Com. Please log into our Scholarship Blog and leave your reply comments.

Scholarships ReviewsNo ScholarshipExperts.Com

Do you need ScholarshipExperts.Com? No. Not really. There are many scholarship search services out there. The main reason for using any scholarship search service is the understanding that you are using a legitimate, complete, and non-censored scholarship database. If your scholarship search service is filtering scholarship entries then you will miss out on valuable scholarships. ScholarshipExperts.Com has a history of even blocking comments on its Facebook channel.

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